Day 13- Zazel- Art or Porn?

I decided to break open the erotica.  I was really intriqued by this film called Zazel, it won a bunch of awards and the cover looked very interesting.  The Relatives were out taking a walk and I had just finished up a meeting, so I had a small window of time to do my session.  I felt very “naughty” as I locked the door and closed the blinds to my office.  I popped the video into my computer and wondered if this is what guys feel like when they look at porn on the internet.  The film started and I thought about the little bit of porn I had seen.  I only recently watched some for casting my educational film on Oral Sex.  This was my first deliberate look at pornography for a self pleasure session.  There is something about porn that just doesn’t sit right with me.  I don’t know if its the fake fingernails (how do women self-pleasure with those?) or the lack of arousal that I see in some of the scenes.  I have to say though that this film was very unique, more artistic, the filmakers took time creating this piece.  That I appreciated.  Intellectually it didn’t turn me on, but I think physically it much have done something.  Or maybe it was the idea that at any moment someone could catch me in the act.  At any rate I had a clitoral orgasm in under a few minutes, hopped up quickly and shot my video, just as the relatives were arriving back at our place!