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Day 56- Using an Erotic Toolkit

Breath, Sound, Movement, Intention, Touch, and Music; all items for my Erotic “Tool Kit” as Sheri Winston calls it.  This session started with setting an intention.  My intention, to open my heart o myself, to love myself more.  I said to myself “I am loving me, all of me.”.  I close my eyes.  The music comes on and I start to move and breath.  I breath deeply in and out of my mouth paying attention to variety.  Sometimes I breath fast to build up lots of excitements, sometimes I breathe slow and sensual.  I let the music guide me.  I start making sound as I exhale.  I like making big sounds, big long moans and groans.  I touch my body in order to drive the sensations all over.  I especially focus on my breasts and heart area, tapping, stroking and massaging myself.  Sometimes hugging myself, sometimes opening my chests with my arms behind.  I keep breathing, sounding, touching, and moving throughout.  When the music ends I am sad that it is over but happy about how I feel.  I want more, but I’m teaching.  I sit on the floor and notice the sensations in my body.  YUM!

I am continually amazed at what using these tools, which we all have and all can do, can do for us both erotically and in life.  I highly recommend doing this to reach erotic ecstasy.  These are the tools that help you to prolong lovemaking, in both women and men.

Day 50- Fukuoku FUN!

I’ve been wanting to try this powerful finger vibrator for sometime.  Let me tell you that I really enjoyed the Fukuoku Power Pack a lot!  For one, I could still use my finger dexterity and that is really important for me.  It was the first time that I had a deep clitoral orgasm with a vibrator.  I really liked putting the palm of my hand on my pubic bone and then the vibrating pads on my vulva.

Although the Fukuoku looks like something out of the Terminator movie it was actually pretty gentle on the rest of my body.  I used it on my stomach and my breasts.  It was especially great on my breasts.  I haven’t really had a day where I have really, really enjoyed breast stimulation, but the vibration here felt wonderful, especially on my nipples!

Day 46- Bath Salts and Breast Stimulation

The electricity went out in the neighborhood, it’s still out as I write this. I love when the electricity goes out. It’s so quiet, it’s so dark, and the light we do have is often candles. My partner and I stood out on the deck for a long time looking at the stars, listening to crickets, and softly talking. I would like to do that more often. We held each other an ate some Hibiscus.

I used the energy of our soft romance for my session. I went into the guest bath with a lantern. Ah, the hot water of the shower with the soft light, it was so nice. I took a long time washing my hair. I love having my hair washed. Then tried some bath salts. I like the sensations of the salts and how soft my skin feels after using them. I thought a lot about women who can have orgasms from breast stimulation. While I like my breasts stimulated it hasn’t really been something I have experienced. I thought that perhaps it was time to explore this possibility. But I just couldn’t get there. I tried a variety of different breast massage techniques and nipple stimulation. Light touch did feel good. I think that all of the breastfeeding has desensitized me a bit. I’m curious as to what my breasts will be like when I stop and they are no longer a food factory but become a sexual organ once again. I got impatient with the whole breast affair and moved to genital touch. I am loving the feeling of this Brazilian Bikini Wax! Everything just feels so clean and more sensitive. I did a little clitoral and u-spot stimulation where I moved my index fingers of each hand in tiny circular motions. That was really nice. It’s late at night, so no orgasm tonight. I am learning that I definitely prefer to self-pleasure in the morning or afternoon.

Day 23- Using my Feet and a Wand!

A yummy day #23!  I got really creative in the Love Loft with the Crystal Chic Wand by California Exotics.  I didn’t have any batteries but the Wand was perfect without any vibration.  I loved being able to bend it and I found that using it to tap on my G-spot was lovely!  Then I got my feet involved, afterall you can always use more appendages!  This way my hands were free and I could massage my breasts and do some clitoral stimulation.  I spent a long time building up to orgasm.  It was fun having my feet up in the air moving the wand in just the right way.  I will surely try this again, next time with the vibration.

Day 18- Pleasure Waves

Decided to self-pleasure in my delux hotel room in Scotland.  Started by massaging my breast with Breast Balm, they’re really sore from all the milk pumping since I am away from my baby, so I treated them nice.  I set the intention to really get in touch with my feminine side, so often I live in the masculine (making business decisions, running the household, managing finances).  I wanted to just let go and surrender.  I thought that perhaps my own masculine could take me through the Pleasure Wave Formula I have been working on.  I started with safety, just making myself feel safe as I lay in the bed.  I took some deep breaths.  From there I played with my body with light arousing touch.  Back into stillness I drifted between sleep and awake.  Then into medium arousal, back into stillness, to higer arousal with combined g-spot and clitoral stimulation, until I had a wonderful orgasm, which I spread all over my body.  I sat in stillness again to notice how I felt different from when I began.  When I showed up at the conference I felt like I was glowing!  What a way to start!

Day 7- Not In The MOOD- JUST DO IT!

YAY!  I have had 7 days of self pleasure, numerous orgasms of different kinds and more showers in one week than ever taken in a week since the baby was born.  Today I was just not in the mood.  I was in total mommy mode- diapers, pumping breast milk, laundry, and playing with Legos.  So turning on my sexy self was a bit difficult.  I went up to the love loft and started with a little belly massage, I noticed how quickly I was getting aroused, just with a little touch and little breath.  From there I moved into indirectly stimulating my genitals by massaging just above my pubic bone.  I noticed that my nipples were sore, so I treated myself to a breast massage.  Breast are amazing!  They make milk and that is a super power.  They are also capable of pleasure, lots of pleasure!  So, I massaged them.  I decided to try a vibrating massage wand called the Inspire.  I’ve never been much of a vibrator girl…