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Day 59- B-Swishes (Bcurious)

I don’t know what it is about using a vibrator, but I just want to go straight for my clitoris!  All of my training as a sexologist goes out the window and I don’t use any of my erotic tools.  I noticed this as I played with a new toy.  I left the bcurious charging overnight so that it would be ready for me today.  I love the ergonomic design, it fit so perfectly in my hand.  I found that the 4th speed was my favorite with little pulses and a buzz.  Once I stopped myself form going straight for the gold, I was able to play more creatively.  It’s nice when I sink into the sensations.  The bcurious was a great warm-up and I really want to try it again.  I finished my session with some manual stimulation combined with the vibration and had a lovely clitoral orgasm.  I ended with some yummy coconut water.

P.S.  I also had the opportunity to go to a dance class tonight, which is so much self-pleasure it’s crazy.  The class was with Misty Tripoli, called the Groove Method, and I had an awesome time!

Day 58- A New Discovery- Anal Vibration

My legs are still shaking as a write this.  A lovely afternoon with myself has led to a feeling a euphoria and being “weak in the knees”.  I decided to do the homework assignment that Sheri Winston gave me.  I got out the Eroscilator, which I have used before and gave it a second round.  I stared on my thighs and oscilated my way towards my vulva.  I played with it on my labia both on the inside and outside, I went for my clitoral shaft, and eventually the head of my clitoris.  When I got to the head of my clit, it was just way too sensitive, so I backed off.  I don’t know what it is about me and vibrators, but when I play with one I just want to put it on my clit and see what it does.  I must resist that temptation.  Then I felt something that surprised me.  I felt the vibration in my anus and it felt good.  I have to admit, I feel a little vulnerable putting this all out there, but I have committed to sharing all of this, so here goes…

First I started on my butt checks, which felt really good.  Then I worked into the area between my vaginal opening and my anus, that felt good too.  Then finally I put the head of the Eroscilator on my anal sphincter, that felt awesome.  I held it there with one hand, while I used my other hand to stimulate my clitoris.  That felt really good!  So I kept going until I worked my way into a deep and intense clitoral orgasm.  I used some breathing too, seems to have carried over from the weekend of doing lots of breath and sound.  It definitely feels like there is a lot coming together (no pun intended).

Day 43- Eroscilating

There’s a sex toy that many of my female friends rave about, so I’ve been saving it for a special day. I really wanted to treat myself to a nice session so I pulled out the Eroscilator. This isn’t a vibrator, it actually oscilates, which is more like your finger moving back and forth over your clitoris. I unpacked this golden pleasure device and carefully read the instructions. It has a number of different attachments, I choose the ball attachment. I was very excited for an awesome experience. Maybe I built it up a little too much. I was really hoping that it didn’t do the same thing that I often experience with vibrators, which is that my clitoris gets overstimulated and I have these little quick surface orgasms. Knowing this I started with indirect stimulation to my clit through my labia. Then I moved to the clitoral shaft. This was all very nice. As soon as I got near my clitoral head, wham! One of those little orgasms and my clit became too sensitive. I moved to manual stimulation and had an awesome clitoral orgasm. Will I try the Eroscilator again? Yes, there’s a lot to explore about this toy and I want to try it all. As I’ve learned with sex, it changes from day to day. Right now I feel like I am totally learning how to use vibrating and oscilating toys. It’s a good thing that I like to practice!