Day 8- U-Spot and Ejaculation

Awesome self love session today!  I filmed right after a self pleasure session in the shower where I experienced multiple ejaculations.  My session began at the gym where I practiced kegels in between weight lifting reps.  From there I fed my body an amazing Kale Smoothie from my favorite little vegan place in the Valley.  Came home to a steam sauna and cold shower.  I alternated between hot and cold water to increase my circulation, which helps increase blood flow to your sexy parts.  Then I tapped my u-spot, did a “come hither” on my g-spot and when I felt the urge to urinate pushed out to experience an ejaculation.  It’s NOT pee!  It really is ejaculatory fluid, at any rate I had multiple ejaculations from this combo of g-spot touch and u-spot pulsing!