Day 70- It’s a Good Day!

I beat myself up way too much. I think I’m my own worst critic.  As part of self-loving I think it’s important that I also start being easier on myself and that I really hear it when people telling me that they love me, that I’m doing a good job, and then they do nice things for me.  Today was a very good day and I am breathing in the pleasure of that.  I can think of so much to be grateful for as I slow down and focus on my breath, my heart and all that I have accomplished.  It’s a really good life I am living.  So as I stroked my vulva I counted my blessings and as I touched different areas of my body I thanked them.  It’s been too long since I have thanked my body for all that it does and all of the pleasure that it brings me.   My body is amazing.  Sometimes I forget to listen to it in all the noise in my mind, sometimes I forget to thank myself and be grateful for who I am. I’m feeling pretty awesome tonight!

If you’ve been joining me on this exploration I invite you to try this.  So often we take our bodies for granted, it’s nice to take the time to thank them.  Start with your face, touch your face and think about what it gives you everyday.  Love your eyes, your nose, your lips, you hair.  Think about the pleasure these parts give you.  Continue throughout your entire body…