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Day 56- Using an Erotic Toolkit

Breath, Sound, Movement, Intention, Touch, and Music; all items for my Erotic “Tool Kit” as Sheri Winston calls it.  This session started with setting an intention.  My intention, to open my heart o myself, to love myself more.  I said to myself “I am loving me, all of me.”.  I close my eyes.  The music comes on and I start to move and breath.  I breath deeply in and out of my mouth paying attention to variety.  Sometimes I breath fast to build up lots of excitements, sometimes I breathe slow and sensual.  I let the music guide me.  I start making sound as I exhale.  I like making big sounds, big long moans and groans.  I touch my body in order to drive the sensations all over.  I especially focus on my breasts and heart area, tapping, stroking and massaging myself.  Sometimes hugging myself, sometimes opening my chests with my arms behind.  I keep breathing, sounding, touching, and moving throughout.  When the music ends I am sad that it is over but happy about how I feel.  I want more, but I’m teaching.  I sit on the floor and notice the sensations in my body.  YUM!

I am continually amazed at what using these tools, which we all have and all can do, can do for us both erotically and in life.  I highly recommend doing this to reach erotic ecstasy.  These are the tools that help you to prolong lovemaking, in both women and men.

Day 55- 1 Minute Erotic Trance

Another 14 hour day teaching at our Super Sex Life Make-Over.  I did a demo for the group on Erotic Trance.  I closed my eyes and quickly used my breath and self touch to go deep into my sensuality and erotic energy.  It’s so hard to describe this experience.  We don’t have words for moving erotic energy, for orgasms that happen from just a thought, or even touching through your clothes.  I have to admit that I am exhibitionist, so having people witness me adds to the experience.  After my one minute erotic trance demonstration the group seemed in awe.  One man exclaimed “I want to do that!”.  Luckily I have filmed what this looks like, since it’s so hard to put into words.  It’s really the first film I ever wanted to make, and I’m going to edit it myself.  It’s my first project where I am editing by myself.  I’m so excited for it.

Day 42- Energy Sex Demo

Picture this, I’m in front of a room full of people demonstrating Self-Pleasure while the workshop teacher is demonstrating how to support and even amp up the erotic energy. The workshop was on Energetic Sex taught by Reid Mihalko, and I volunteered to be his demo model for the day. I’m not your average sex educator, the biggest reason is that I firmly believe in Show and Tell sex education. Some people are very visual learners, like me, and it helps us to be able to see what is being taught. Reid is like me in that he teaches through lots of demonstration. I demonstrated self-pleasure by lightly touching myself all over, stretching my labia, rolling my clitoris, slapping my vulva and other various techniques. Meanwhile, Reid demonstrated supporting me and ramping me up into energetic orgasm while I self pleasured. And although I didn’t have a physical orgasm, I move lots of sexual energy and had a number of energetic orgasms. YUM!!!!

My partner D.Love and I had our anniversary today. He came with me, which was wonderful. I love that he didn’t get jealous and he felt comfortable with my demonstration in front of a room full of people. After the workshop we went out and had a very indulgent dinner near Venice Beach. I was so full of erotic energy that we kissed more than we ate. The food was amazing and being close to him was so nurturing that I actually started to cry. We have had such an awesome love affair together, including making a baby and bringing it into the world. I am such a lucky woman to have had such divine partners.