Day 49- Man on Top

This morning my partner surprised me with a spontaneous lovemaking session.  It was so awesome.  I had a number of vaginal orgasms during our session, but mostly it was just wonderful to connect with him.  After he had his orgasm I asked him to stay on top of me while I did self clitoral stimulation.  It was fun to have his presence there and I loved the feeling of his weight on my body.

I recommend having your partner join you for self pleasure sessions every now and then.  For one it can be great for them to see how you like to be stimulated. Two it can be an erotic turn on for both of you.  And three it’s a nice addition to lovemaking, especially if your partner is prone to coming quickly and you still want to have an orgasm (not that, that is my case).  There’s nothing wrong with lending a hand every now and then.