Day 37- Recording Session/Sidelying

Today I was in studio recording the Voice Over track for Volume One of my new Oral Sex series.  To spice things up a bit and help me to get my sexy energy voice going I did a bunch of kegels while imagining that I was either giving or recieving oral pleasures!  My self-pleasure session may have been combined with working, but hey, it was great.  And the recording turned out to be awesome.  I thought I’d add some more self-pleasure as the day ended.  It’s now just a few minutes before midnight.  I just finished a session where I was lying on my side with my legs closed, while doing clitoral stimulation.  Held off on the orgasm though, due to the fact that it’s so late.  I think session number 39 will be my opportunity to go over the edge and do a nice long self love day!