Day 46- Bath Salts and Breast Stimulation

The electricity went out in the neighborhood, it’s still out as I write this. I love when the electricity goes out. It’s so quiet, it’s so dark, and the light we do have is often candles. My partner and I stood out on the deck for a long time looking at the stars, listening to crickets, and softly talking. I would like to do that more often. We held each other an ate some Hibiscus.

I used the energy of our soft romance for my session. I went into the guest bath with a lantern. Ah, the hot water of the shower with the soft light, it was so nice. I took a long time washing my hair. I love having my hair washed. Then tried some bath salts. I like the sensations of the salts and how soft my skin feels after using them. I thought a lot about women who can have orgasms from breast stimulation. While I like my breasts stimulated it hasn’t really been something I have experienced. I thought that perhaps it was time to explore this possibility. But I just couldn’t get there. I tried a variety of different breast massage techniques and nipple stimulation. Light touch did feel good. I think that all of the breastfeeding has desensitized me a bit. I’m curious as to what my breasts will be like when I stop and they are no longer a food factory but become a sexual organ once again. I got impatient with the whole breast affair and moved to genital touch. I am loving the feeling of this Brazilian Bikini Wax! Everything just feels so clean and more sensitive. I did a little clitoral and u-spot stimulation where I moved my index fingers of each hand in tiny circular motions. That was really nice. It’s late at night, so no orgasm tonight. I am learning that I definitely prefer to self-pleasure in the morning or afternoon.