Day 85-Sensory Stimulation

You’ve probably heard of sensory deprivation, where you float in water, in total darkness.  It can take people to some really profound places.  Sensory Stimulation is the same idea only you get there from overstimulation to the senses (minus sight).  I have to say that this is most effective with a partner, but you can do it for yourself.  First, I used a blindfold to shut out the sense of sight.  Sight is our most dominant sense, so shutting it off can help take you deeper into other sensations of sensuality. I had made a tray with a variety of sensory objects: touch, sound, smell and taste.  I explored each object, using it to touch my body, tasting it, smelling it, or making sound with it.  Without sight the world becomes a totally different place.  I was hyper sensitive when I was finished and took a moment to just feel my body.  Later in they day I Made Love with my partner.  I was still sensitized from the sensory stimulation earlier in the day.  We had a wonderful, connected session, which was interrupted by the baby waking up, but that was okay.  We just set a date to continue tomorrow night!