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Day 67- Don Wand and Aloe Cadabra- YUMMY!

It really does help to take time out in the middle of the day to do my self-pleasure session!  Today I played with a Don Wand called the Bent Graduate, a double ended glass toy that was really very pleasurable.  I used some of my new favorite lube by Aloe Cadabra, it’s made of Aloe and that makes it great!  Combined G-spot stimulation with Clitoral Stimulation and played my way to a really nice blended orgasm!  Yay!  Most of all it was great to be with myself and great to get back in touch with taking the time to breathe and get somewhat out of my head.

Day 59- B-Swishes (Bcurious)

I don’t know what it is about using a vibrator, but I just want to go straight for my clitoris!  All of my training as a sexologist goes out the window and I don’t use any of my erotic tools.  I noticed this as I played with a new toy.  I left the bcurious charging overnight so that it would be ready for me today.  I love the ergonomic design, it fit so perfectly in my hand.  I found that the 4th speed was my favorite with little pulses and a buzz.  Once I stopped myself form going straight for the gold, I was able to play more creatively.  It’s nice when I sink into the sensations.  The bcurious was a great warm-up and I really want to try it again.  I finished my session with some manual stimulation combined with the vibration and had a lovely clitoral orgasm.  I ended with some yummy coconut water.

P.S.  I also had the opportunity to go to a dance class tonight, which is so much self-pleasure it’s crazy.  The class was with Misty Tripoli, called the Groove Method, and I had an awesome time!

Day 58- A New Discovery- Anal Vibration

My legs are still shaking as a write this.  A lovely afternoon with myself has led to a feeling a euphoria and being “weak in the knees”.  I decided to do the homework assignment that Sheri Winston gave me.  I got out the Eroscilator, which I have used before and gave it a second round.  I stared on my thighs and oscilated my way towards my vulva.  I played with it on my labia both on the inside and outside, I went for my clitoral shaft, and eventually the head of my clitoris.  When I got to the head of my clit, it was just way too sensitive, so I backed off.  I don’t know what it is about me and vibrators, but when I play with one I just want to put it on my clit and see what it does.  I must resist that temptation.  Then I felt something that surprised me.  I felt the vibration in my anus and it felt good.  I have to admit, I feel a little vulnerable putting this all out there, but I have committed to sharing all of this, so here goes…

First I started on my butt checks, which felt really good.  Then I worked into the area between my vaginal opening and my anus, that felt good too.  Then finally I put the head of the Eroscilator on my anal sphincter, that felt awesome.  I held it there with one hand, while I used my other hand to stimulate my clitoris.  That felt really good!  So I kept going until I worked my way into a deep and intense clitoral orgasm.  I used some breathing too, seems to have carried over from the weekend of doing lots of breath and sound.  It definitely feels like there is a lot coming together (no pun intended).

Day 57- A Prelude to Sex

Men often masturbate before going out on a date or having sex with a partner.  It is often to help pro-long the lovemaking experience- to help them last longer since they have already ejaculated.  But you hardly ever hear about women masturbating to orgasm before sex with a partner.  I decided to do it and see what happened.  I did a bunch of clitoral stimulation, played in and out of my pattern and had a great orgasm.  It was great to have a little foreplay with myself before getting on my with guy.  I was curious if it would decrease or increase my desire for him.  I do wonder what the difference would be if I had just worked myself up, but didn’t have an orgasm. That will have to be for another time.

A few hours later I was up in the love loft with my partner.  He was having a lot of pain in his hips and legs, so I started by just holding his pelvis.  He talked about how stressed he has been, how much pressure he is putting on himself and how much he has missed us being able to connect for long periods of time.  Tears came into his eyes and he started to release a bunch of emotion.  I was crying too.  It was a very emotional and intimate session.  We started touching and holding each other going in and out of emotional intensity.  We did some oral sex, lots of touching and very little penetration.  Neither of us had a big explosive orgasm, but instead we had something very deep, very intimate and very connected.  I think that if hadn’t had an orgasm earlier in the day I might not have been in the space for something like this.  I might have felt like I needed some “normal” sex and my orgasm.  It was nice to just float in pleasure, love and connection without any need for anything more.  It was quite beautiful and heart felt and even more fulfilling than any orgasm could be.

Day 52 & 53- Thoughtgasms and Sleepless O’s

Day 52- It’s late, very late.  I’ve been self-pleasuring.  It was close to midnight when I started my session.  I crawled up the love loft, everyone in the house is asleep.  I have to say I was exhausted, I even thought I might actually fall asleep during my session.  I was floating on the edge.  And even though I wasn’t in the mood, I quickly got in the mood.  Then I was so stimulated that my mind started racing a thousand miles a minute with great ideas.  Ideas for new sex toys, ideas for my oral series, ideas after ideas after ideas.

I thought that I had better not have an orgasm or it would really, really keep me up…that leads into day 53…

I was so aroused and stimulated after my late night session that I just couldn’t sleep.  After laying there for an hour I decided to just go for it, so I went back to the loft, laid on my belly and worked myself into into a clitoral orgasm.  I laid there for awhile feeling full of energy and my mind was just on fire with thought.  There was no way that I was going to get to sleep.  So, I went for some more orgasms, why not?  It’s now 3:00 am and I am still awake!  But I’m getting a lot of work done, now, if only I didn’t have to work all day tomorrow!

Day 51- Part Two- Clitoral Stimulation Gel

Went up to the love loft.  Really relished the time along, the quiet and just taking some time for myself.  I decided to try a little Clitoral Stimulating Gel by Intimate Organics.  Maybe there was something wrong with mine, but it was less of a gel and more like a smooth liquid.  The directions said to put underneath the clitoris, I’m not sure if they meant the clitoral shaft of something else.  So, I massaged the “gel” into my clitoral shaft and hood.  I had the gentle strength, I think I needed more intensity.  The best part was just taking time to give myself a nice genital massage.  And after I had a clitoral orgasm I just took a moment to take a breath and be with myself, even though I wanted to get up and rush on to all the things on my “to do” list.

Oh, and Sheri Winston shared how she self-pleasured, even through jet lag and being overly stressed.  She still found the time to enjoy herself, and in my office too!

Day 50- Fukuoku FUN!

I’ve been wanting to try this powerful finger vibrator for sometime.  Let me tell you that I really enjoyed the Fukuoku Power Pack a lot!  For one, I could still use my finger dexterity and that is really important for me.  It was the first time that I had a deep clitoral orgasm with a vibrator.  I really liked putting the palm of my hand on my pubic bone and then the vibrating pads on my vulva.

Although the Fukuoku looks like something out of the Terminator movie it was actually pretty gentle on the rest of my body.  I used it on my stomach and my breasts.  It was especially great on my breasts.  I haven’t really had a day where I have really, really enjoyed breast stimulation, but the vibration here felt wonderful, especially on my nipples!

Day 48- Aswini 4 Orgasm Mudra

After a fulfilling day of private session work, I decided to practice what I preach.  I modified a technique called Aswini Mudra for one of my clients who is wanting to pro-long orgasms.  I thought it would be a great way to enjoy myself during my self-pleasure session.  So I started out with Aswini Mudra- inhaling one third of my lung capacity, contracting and relaxing my anal sphincter rapidly, inhaling a second third, contracting and relaxing, filling my lungs, contracting and relaxing, holding the contraction, holding my breath, rolling my shoulders up and forward and dropping my chin to my chest.  Lifting my chin, taking a sniff of air, as I relaxed all the tension from my body.  I did this all the while sitting with the heel of my foot on my clitoris.

After a few rounds I went fully into my self-pleasure, lying on the floor with a Liberator Fascinator Throe for some soft padding.  I had the Njoy Pure Wand handy.  I started with some clitoral stimulation combined with the Aswini Mudra.  After I felt adequately aroused I decided to use the Pure Wand.  With the small end I did g-spot, u-spot and a-spot stimulation.  AWESOME!  The combination of Aswini Mudra, with clitoral stimulation and the Pure Wand sent me into multiple orgasms.  It started when I got close to a clitoral orgasm and I stopped the clitoral stimulation which triggered a Vaginal Orgasm.  It was a large, wonderful extended orgasm.  Then I went back to clitoral stimulation combined with the Pure Wand on my g-spot and u-spot, next thing I knew I was ejaculating.  I kept going.  Soon after came the big bang clitoral orgasm.  I rested for a moment with aftershocks and sexual energy coursing through my body.


Day 47- Erotophobia

Where do I begin? Let’s see, late last night, after midnight, I really just wanted things to be like old days, before my baby was born. I used to get myself to sleep with multiple orgasms every night, but every since I gave birth, I haven’t been able to do that; the opposite happens and I’m up all night. But I went for it anyway. A lovely nostalgic late night/early morning romp.

I woke up in the morning ready for my orgasmic shot of energy, so I made love to myself again. My mind was on fire during the entire session. I just kept thinking about Erotophobia, the fear of the erotic; sometimes also called sexual shame. I know that there are a number of causes, but it’s still so hard for me to understand why sex has become such a “bad” thing. Why are things like masturbation, oral sex and anal play so taboo? I just don’t get it. Sex is wonderful. It’s something so natural. It’s such a way to celebrate being human. I’m glad I’ve worked through most of my sexual shame. It still comes up every now and then, but for the most part I’m pretty free.

Day 43- Eroscilating

There’s a sex toy that many of my female friends rave about, so I’ve been saving it for a special day. I really wanted to treat myself to a nice session so I pulled out the Eroscilator. This isn’t a vibrator, it actually oscilates, which is more like your finger moving back and forth over your clitoris. I unpacked this golden pleasure device and carefully read the instructions. It has a number of different attachments, I choose the ball attachment. I was very excited for an awesome experience. Maybe I built it up a little too much. I was really hoping that it didn’t do the same thing that I often experience with vibrators, which is that my clitoris gets overstimulated and I have these little quick surface orgasms. Knowing this I started with indirect stimulation to my clit through my labia. Then I moved to the clitoral shaft. This was all very nice. As soon as I got near my clitoral head, wham! One of those little orgasms and my clit became too sensitive. I moved to manual stimulation and had an awesome clitoral orgasm. Will I try the Eroscilator again? Yes, there’s a lot to explore about this toy and I want to try it all. As I’ve learned with sex, it changes from day to day. Right now I feel like I am totally learning how to use vibrating and oscilating toys. It’s a good thing that I like to practice!