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Day 19- Part Two- Bathtime with a Triple Treat

Warning!  This is probably my most explicit post to date, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I just had to take advantage of the huge tub in my hotel room.  I poured myself a hot bath and threw in some bath and massage oil with Ylang Ylang in it.  AHHH!  The bath was so great that I couldn’t resist self-pleasuring.  I noticed when I looked up that I could see my reflection in the large shower head.  I positioned myself so that I could witness my self pleasure.  Just like my pole dancing early today, it was hot!  I brought some additional toys that weren’t being used as teaching aids.  After a long time in the bath, I got out to do an intense self pleasure session starting by using the Ophoria Rapture with Clitoral Stimulation.  After some time I added the Nobessence Kegel Sexerciser for Vaginal Stimulation.  So I had all three going at once- clit, anus and vagina.  After a few orgasms I decided to get back in the bath.  When I went in to the bathroom to take out the Sexerciser I gushed all over the floor, that the second time thats happened.  The bath was still warm, and a glorious place for after glow.  I quickly shot this video, before reading some erotic fairy tales and heading to sleep.