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Day 54- Belly Dancing on my Hand

I’m teaching 14 hour days with  Sheri Winston and Ellen Heed.  Tonight Ellen led a class where we learned how to touch certain areas on our pelvis in order to aid in relaxation and emotional release around our sexuality.  We held certain points on the pelvis like the front of the hip bones, the back of the hip bones, the pelvic bone and sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of the spine).  It was deeply relaxing which left me in a very aroused state.  It was close to midnight when I arrived home.  I laid down exhausted and energized from a day of teaching.  I placed my hand on my pubic bone.  I held my hips and I added movement.  I used to teach and performing as a belly dancer so I started moving my pelvis the way I would if I were dancing. I placed the heal of my hand on my pubic bone, with my fingers over my vulva and began to move, to find all the sweet pleasurable spots before drifting off to sleep.