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Day 94-Getting My Sexy On

First of all I started the day off with a great clitoral orgasm, did some work and then headed off to my first Strip Tease and Pole Dancing class.  I just signed up to 8 weeks of getting my sexy on.    It’s part of this commitment to myself to do things that feed me, my soul and my sexy.  So, after 2 hours of LA traffic, I finally arrived at the studio.  I was very surprised.  It was dimly lit, you could barely see, three poles stood in the room.  The class was very small, only 6 women total.  We started with floor work, stretching, arching, moving ever so slowly.   I especially liked lying on my stomach, slinking back with my butt in the air, and touching my curves.  You are very encouraged to touch your curves and your “center” as they call it.  I was very shocked that we were claiming our “centers” with touch.  The whole 2 hour class could be construed as a little self pleasure practice in public, all this self touch, feeling sexy.  I one pole trick and a very sexy little routine.  IT was HOT!  I felt HOT and that was most important.

I am very much looking forward to continuing this journey of sensual self discovery through these classes.  Women, i highly, highly recommend checking out Sheila Kelly’s SFACTOR, it’s not just about stripping or pole dancing, it’s a personal journey.  It’s about female empowerment and owning your erotic self!  I love it!