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Day 80- Morning Pattern and Committing to Self Love

Still feeling aroused from my evening session with my partner, I woke up wanting more               orgasms.  I went into the pattern, had my clitoral orgasm and started the day.  I really   wanted  to get to the gym for a Core Fusion class, but I couldn’t get out the door.  The baby was crying, I couldn’t find my contacts…I eventually did get to the gym, but I was in a rather sour mood.

My partner recently brought up the fact to me that I really neglect myself.  I started to see all the areas of my life where this is true.  I’m a new mom, I run a very full time sex education company, I produce videos, I write blogs, I appear in the media, and I have two partners.  Life is very full.  I don’t really see it as neglect of myself, it’s more like I’m just no that into self-preservation.  But I can see his point.  I need to take more care of myself and that is what this 101 Days of Pleasure project is about, loving myself, taking time for myself.  But it turns into work in some way.  I have to write my blog, film a video, upload the posts, edit etc.  Sometimes it turns from self-pleasure into an obligation.  In order to care for myself more I will be doing less video posting (and since my camera is gone) and more writing for the time being.  There are some basic things I’m just not good at since I had my baby, like remembering to drink water, to take deep breaths, to brush my teeth and hair.  I feel lucky if I get more than one shower in a week.

Okay, I only have 21 more days of this challenge.  If there is any time to do this, it’s now.  First step- Eat a Healthy Lunch! Next make a list of all the ways in which I neglect myself.  That way I can see what is really going on….So I made the list, and it’s pretty depressing.  The biggest area that I neglect myself is my body, the next is financially.  These are the two things I will be working on for the next 21 days.  Feeding my body and my state of abundance.  No more of this neglect stuff.  I also made a list of what feeds me, and I’m going to do lots more of that.  Over the next 21 days, more self-care, more dance, more attention to my finances, more trips to the gym, eating great food and definitely more deep breaths!  Orgasms are easy, but truly and deeply loving myself enough to make my body a priority is another challenge.  I’m up for it.

Day 71- Bath Salts and Ella

No, Ella isn’t another woman, it’s a great pleasure object by Lelo.  I’ll get to her, but want to start at the beginning.  I really wanted to set aside time for myself today.  I’ve been feeling like I’m not getting enough exercise.  Before I gave birth I danced 5 days a week, and I went to the gym every single day.  Now I’m lucky if I dance once every few months and get to the gym once a week.  So as part of this project I am making a gym schedule, no more excuses.  And I am going to start dancing at least twice a month.  How’s that!  I started the day with an hour at the gym, then had a great lunch followed by a steam sauna that included a hot shower and lavender bath salt scrub.  My skin feels so soft and smells amazing.  While in the steam sauna I was joined by Ella, a rose colored dildo that is just up my alley.  The water from the shower was making things a little dry, so I turned it off and just played in the heat of the steam.  I loved that this toy can be used on either end, and it is silky smooth.  I definitely want to dedicate and entire session to her.  I feel like something has opened up for me in regards to ejaculation lately and it has been flowing very easily.  The Ella was great for g-spot and u-spot stimulation.  I had to try it mostly standing up, so I’m anxious to try it lying down.  I think tomorrow I’ll give her another whirl!