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Day 33- A Relaxed Late Night

It’s ten till midnight and I’ve just had a fantastically deep orgasm.  I’ve noticed that my arousal is definitly up, and D. Love and I missed our intimacy time today due to not being able to get a sitter, so I’ve been in need of my self love sessions for sure!  Tonight was another late one.  It started about 30 minutes ago and I was determined not to make it a quickie and got into my pattern.  I set the intention to stay very relaxed and to notice when any tension came into my body at all.  If tension crept in a backed off, relaxed and dove back into the pleasure.  For some reason tonight I really noticed sound: the crickets outside, the hum of the refridgerator, the pops and creaks in the house.  I was incredibly tired.  I’ve been working extra because I’m working on my postpartum sexuality project with Ellen Heed, and we’ve been writing and writing.  At any rate, the exhaustion was a benefit because it helped to keep me relaxed.  I mostly focused on clitoral stimulation with gential massage techniques from my book and DVDs.  I like practicing what I preach, so using my own techniques is important to me.  I played with Jilling Off a lot, that’s one of my favorites.  I kept getting close to orgasm, but backing off, in order to stay relaxed.  When the orgasm did come it was deep, long lasting and very satisfying.  I haven’t had one like that in a long time!