Day 68- Fantasy Pulls Me Out of The FuNK

Finally, a great session.  I feel like I’m back!  My partner and I had our regularly scheduled intimacy time today.  Things have been so funky this week and I feel like I’ve lost sight of what this project is all about.  It’s about pleasure, and this week has felt like a chore.  But this session was what I love.  I’m making a new commitment to make this more about loving myself and more about what really brings me pleasure, more than anything else.  I have to take the time for myself.  So, back to my session.  My partner and I climbed up to the love loft.  We were still having trouble getting out of our heads, so I thought I might as well practice what I preach and use some of my own recommendations to help.  I closed my eyes and allowed my partner to tell me an erotic story.  He did a great job describing the details and using his touch to ground it into my body.  It got me really turned on both mentally and physically and the story telling helped to keep me very present in the moment.  We went deep into a fantasy that had us both highly aroused.

After a long session he reached climax.  I was on the verge of ejaculating (something that I don’t do much with him, and something he has never witnessed me doing).  So I grabbed one of the first toys I ever got, called a Crystal Wand, and I did some U-spot/G-spot stimulation.   It didn’t take long at all before I was ejaculating over and over again.  Thank God, for the Liberator Fascinator Thow, otherwise it would have been very messy.  My partner was a bit surprised by it, he actually gasped and his eyes got really wide.  I got a little self conscious, but I was really high from the lovemaking and now the demonstration that I was doing for him.  We didn’t really get any afterglow time because the babysitter was off in 5 minutes, so we had to scurry to switch gears.  Both of us felt very altered from our experience together.  I was so relaxed.  The most relaxed I have felt in a very, very long time.  YAY!