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Day 96-Mastubation Magic

You may have heard of sex magic, tonight I decided to try a little self-pleasure magic!  I had the opportunity to study with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, sacred sex author and filmmaker.  He taught me about the 4 elements of sexuality.

1)Water Sex- Pleasure Sex

2) Air Sex- Romantic Love

3) Fire Sex- Transformational or Energy Merging Sex

and 4) Earth Sex- Sex for Procreation.

I like to think that Earth Sex can be sex for PRO-CREATION, in other words something is manifested as a result of sexual energy, expression and pleasure.  I set an intention that my orgasm help to manifest the safe return of my partner on his journey home.  As I self-pleasured I kept breathing deeply and holding the intention that my partner return safely home to my arms.  I had this sense that he would be leaving the Playa early, that he was missing me and our son.  On the way to Burningman the car kept overheating, so I kept the visualization that his journey home was smooth, safe and quick.   It was a nice way to connect with him.  As I write this I notice that I have been connecting with him these last few days even if we can’t e-mail or call.  I’ve been connecting with him through these self-pleasure sessions.  What a great way to stay intimate even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other!

Day 95- Compersion Fantasy

Today was the official launch of my new Oral Sex series, so there was a lot to celebrate.  The new season of my Radio Show also started.  The topic was Lube.  It is always such a joy to talk openly about sexuality with other people.  And my Radio Show is like an hour of foreplay!  I love it.  After the show I went out for a celebration dinner, and I purchases a new camera (this is a little retail therapy!).  I hope to start posting regular video blogs as this journey comes to an end.  I’ve been self-pleasuring a lot these last few days, late at night, early in the morning, in the afternoon.  My main sexual partner being gone frees up a lot more time for self love.

Today my mood was high.  I felt great.  Accomplishment is a wonderful aphrodisiac for me.  I played with some fantasy tonight.  I was imagining my partner at Burningman having the most fantastic time, flirting with other women, making out,  getting his sexy on.  Imagining him having so much fun was a huge turn on.  Culturally, I think that most people would see this as odd.  But I don’t get jealous really.  Instead I experience something called Compersion, which is when you actually love it when your partner is loving or being loved by someone else.  When I know my partner is having a great time, even if it is without me, I feel really happy.  I love the idea of Compersion, it feels so much better than jealousy, which we have come to equate with love.  In my self-pleasure today I indulged in my turn-on through this state of seeing my partner erotically happy!  I eventually had a wonderful clitoral and g-spot combined orgasm as I floated off in a blissfull sleepy state.

Day 91- A Sleepy Farewell

The house was crazy today as my partner prepared to leave for the Burningman festival in the middle of the desert.  It took forever to get the baby to sleep and I didn’t have much time for my self-pleasure, regardless I did do some self-genital massage in preparation for some farewell lovemaking with my partner.  But,  the massage was so relaxing, that I fell asleep!  He came in in the wee hours (who knows what time it was) and woke me up.  We were both too exhausted for much other than kissing, touching and cuddling, which was fine with me.  It was a sweet farewell as he journeyed off into the desert for a week of mayhem and magic.