Day 81- Stretching, Feeling, Breathing, Masturbating

I woke up in the middle of the night touching myself.  I must have been dreaming something juicy.  I took the time to go up to the loft and stimulate my clitoris until I had a lovely orgasm and crawled back into bed and drifted back to dreams.  I woke up feeling very committed to my new challenge of really loving and nurturing myself.

My assistant filled my office with fresh flowers from my garden.  I forgot how much I love fresh flowers.  Our roses are so beautiful and fragrant right now.  My office smells like a fresh flower garden and that feeds me, it brings me tons of pleasure and I am taking the time to savor the scents and the visual beauty of these arrangements.  I also decided to take stretch breaks throughout the day.  I did a little yoga, took some deep breaths and as I made my way back to the office I took the time to feel how amazing I am and suddenly I notice the breeze on my skin and the warmth of the sun on my face and I felt amazing.  Sometimes the sun on my skin along with a cool breeze sends shivers all over my body.  It didn’t take much, and I felt fed, and ready to dive into work.  Just a few moment of noticing and a little self care make the day a magnificent one.