Day 41- Hot Water

With only 20 minutes to spare I made it! Hot showers are the best. Everyone was asleep so I went into the guest bath and took a really hot shower. I’ve never showered in there before. There’s a large frosted glass window that looks out onto the porch so at night I could see my sillhoette in the window. It was very sexy. I’m feeling very sexy these days, maybe it’s one of the effects of this project. Hot water in itself is great pleasure, but add in a freshly waxed vulva and you have a great combination (at least in my case!). The water felt so good, so I stretched my labia out to the sides so that my clitoris was exposed to the hot water. Awesome! I did some tapping on my clit and my u-spot, which almost always brings about some female ejaculate. It’s past midnight, must get some sleep. But before I head off to bed, I must say that I prefer to self pleasure during the day. Although I usually end up enjoying my night sessions I like scheduling longer periods duirng the day and having an orgasm. At night if I have an orgasm it is really hard to sleep, so I hold off, at least on clitoral orgasms.