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Day 41- Hot Water

With only 20 minutes to spare I made it! Hot showers are the best. Everyone was asleep so I went into the guest bath and took a really hot shower. I’ve never showered in there before. There’s a large frosted glass window that looks out onto the porch so at night I could see my sillhoette in the window. It was very sexy. I’m feeling very sexy these days, maybe it’s one of the effects of this project. Hot water in itself is great pleasure, but add in a freshly waxed vulva and you have a great combination (at least in my case!). The water felt so good, so I stretched my labia out to the sides so that my clitoris was exposed to the hot water. Awesome! I did some tapping on my clit and my u-spot, which almost always brings about some female ejaculate. It’s past midnight, must get some sleep. But before I head off to bed, I must say that I prefer to self pleasure during the day. Although I usually end up enjoying my night sessions I like scheduling longer periods duirng the day and having an orgasm. At night if I have an orgasm it is really hard to sleep, so I hold off, at least on clitoral orgasms.

Day 36- Sensational Touch

This session was wonderful.  At first my mind was racing and it was really hard to stay present with the sensations in my body.  As I settled into it though and brought my awareness into my hands it helped me to pay attention to the pleasure.  I must say, I have great touch skill.  I usually think of applying this skill to my partners, but why not apply it to my own body?  I spent time lightly touching and tantilizing every inch of my skin.  I found delightful places to spend a little bit more time, like my inner thighs, over my vulva and then up to my belly.  I also did a little hard scratching on my skin.  I found the contrast between the light touch and the hard scratching to send shivers all over.  But even more exciting wa finding a new pleasurable way to touch my clitoris.  I squeezed it hard between my thumb and forefinger of one hand so that the head and clitoral hood were just barely exposed between my fingers.  Then I took the forefinger of my other hand and very, very lightly stroked the exposed area of my clit.  That was awesome!  I decided not to have an orgasms, because it was later in the day and I didn’t want to get all jazzed up before bed.  Plus, I like teasing myself and sometimes staying in an orgasmic state as opposed to have the “genital sneeze” type clitoral orgasm.  So, I stayed right there, and am still floating there!

Day 24- Castor Oil Massage

Since returning from Scotland my son has been extremely attached to me, which makes it hard to find self-pleasure time.  I started my session by brushing all the knots out of my hair and getting ready for a steam shower.  Once I got into the shower, my son had an “I want my mommy!” meltdown, so I got out and comforted him for a while before he was able to be distracted and I could resume “me time”.  Back in the shower I took time to bathe, wash my hair and use a little aromatherapy.  Once I got out of the steam I massaged bath oils into my skin.  I decided early on to do some Castor Oil Massage on my vulva and internal vagina.  So I spent time exploring to see if I could feel any scar tissue from the birth that may have returned.  I use lots of oil and massaged any rough areas that I found.  It might not have been an orgasmic session, but it was a sexual wellness session and that’s important too!