Day 25- A Little Honey Dipping

Started off my session with some Hot Rawks– a libido enhancer made with cacao, cayenne pepper and maca powder.  That helped boost my energy for a great solo sex session.  Went up to the love loft and choose a new ceramic toy called the Honey Wand. I’ve never used ceramic and this was my first experience.  On my way there I notice that I had started my mentrual cycle, perfect timing (ha!) since I’ve dedicated this week to vaginal exploration.  Since I stick to my commitments I went for it anyway, and I’m so glad I did.  I started by using the wand externally in my clitoris, then added some lube and went for internal stimulation.  It was great at stimulating my G-spot even though it doesn’t have a curve.  I worked my way up to a vaginal orgasm that rolled into a clitoral orgasm into a combination g-spot and vaginal orgasm.  A great time int he middle of my work day.  Have I told you recently that I love my JOB!