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Day 86-Does a Real Penis Count as a Sex Toy?

Today was another great day.  Things have felt really good since I decided to make this more about self-care and self-love.  I feel like I have felt better and better with each day.  My partner has been more active in his initiation of sex with me, which I am loving.  This evening I went for another run.  I have never in my life, liked to run, but I am really enjoying it right now.  It just feels good to have air in my lungs and my blood pumping as I run up the steep hills in my neighborhood.  I fed my body with a variety of smoothies today, one being my addiction to kale smoothies.  And to top the day off my partner asked me to the love loft.  I knew I had to get some sexual self pleasure into the day, so I asked him if it would be okay for me to use his penis as a sex toy.  He was very okay with it!  I spent a lot of time just using his penis to rub on my vulva.  I then acted like it was a dildo as I penetrated myself, while at the same time using my other hand to stimulate my clitoris.  It wasn’t quite as easy as using a dildo, but he got really into it.  He wasn’t moving at all, he just let me do whatever I wanted to do.  Eventually I let go of using his as a “sex toy” and we just went into a great lovemaking session.  We closed the session with some awesome mutual masturbation where we both had an orgasm at the same time.  I had a number of little orgasms all along the way, but this last one was a blended orgasm from g-spot and clitoral stimulation.  YUMM!

Day 85-Sensory Stimulation

You’ve probably heard of sensory deprivation, where you float in water, in total darkness.  It can take people to some really profound places.  Sensory Stimulation is the same idea only you get there from overstimulation to the senses (minus sight).  I have to say that this is most effective with a partner, but you can do it for yourself.  First, I used a blindfold to shut out the sense of sight.  Sight is our most dominant sense, so shutting it off can help take you deeper into other sensations of sensuality. I had made a tray with a variety of sensory objects: touch, sound, smell and taste.  I explored each object, using it to touch my body, tasting it, smelling it, or making sound with it.  Without sight the world becomes a totally different place.  I was hyper sensitive when I was finished and took a moment to just feel my body.  Later in they day I Made Love with my partner.  I was still sensitized from the sensory stimulation earlier in the day.  We had a wonderful, connected session, which was interrupted by the baby waking up, but that was okay.  We just set a date to continue tomorrow night!

Day 79- Awesome Partner Assisted Pleasure

Something must be in the air this week.  My partner was so into me all day, he kept saying how sexy I was and kissing me.  That always gets my libido going.  I think feeling sexy is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.  Our desire for each other was building all day, so once the baby was asleep, I initiated a little love action in the loft.  Oh, my GOD!  I remember sex feeling this good, but it hasn’t in awhile.  I chalk it up to hormones.  I can feel that something has shifted.  I’m blaming it all on Progesterone and Prolactin.  I think I’m making less milk, so my hormones are regulating and my genitals are getting more sensitive.  See, progesterone can decrease your genital sensitivity.  Penetration felt absolutely exquisite.   I felt like the session was all about my pleasure and I notice a little guilt, but I couldn’t help dive deeper into the pleasure.  I checked in with my partner and he seemed to be enjoying it just as much, so I kept diving, getting lost in the sensation.  I used my hand to stimulate my clitoris.  It was extremely engorged, I hadn’t felt it this big since the second trimester of my pregnancy (increased blood volume causes the genitals to swell).  We played and I added my self-stimulation.  For some reason I could give myself an orgasm.  So he used a combination of his hands and his mouth (something he learned from my Oral Sex for Couples Series to get me there.  As much as I love sex with myself, I really like sex with partner and myself combined!

Day 57- A Prelude to Sex

Men often masturbate before going out on a date or having sex with a partner.  It is often to help pro-long the lovemaking experience- to help them last longer since they have already ejaculated.  But you hardly ever hear about women masturbating to orgasm before sex with a partner.  I decided to do it and see what happened.  I did a bunch of clitoral stimulation, played in and out of my pattern and had a great orgasm.  It was great to have a little foreplay with myself before getting on my with guy.  I was curious if it would decrease or increase my desire for him.  I do wonder what the difference would be if I had just worked myself up, but didn’t have an orgasm. That will have to be for another time.

A few hours later I was up in the love loft with my partner.  He was having a lot of pain in his hips and legs, so I started by just holding his pelvis.  He talked about how stressed he has been, how much pressure he is putting on himself and how much he has missed us being able to connect for long periods of time.  Tears came into his eyes and he started to release a bunch of emotion.  I was crying too.  It was a very emotional and intimate session.  We started touching and holding each other going in and out of emotional intensity.  We did some oral sex, lots of touching and very little penetration.  Neither of us had a big explosive orgasm, but instead we had something very deep, very intimate and very connected.  I think that if hadn’t had an orgasm earlier in the day I might not have been in the space for something like this.  I might have felt like I needed some “normal” sex and my orgasm.  It was nice to just float in pleasure, love and connection without any need for anything more.  It was quite beautiful and heart felt and even more fulfilling than any orgasm could be.