Day 39- Lingerie- Lending a Hand

I’ve been wanting to do something with Lingerie since I started this expedition.  So today I got out a little bra and pantie set that I had bought for a Playboy shoot that I did earlier this year.  This self-pleasure session did involve my partner.  He was loving the lingerie and it started what turned out to be one very “hot” lovemaking session.  During the session, as per the theme of self-pleasuring, I leant a hand by giving myself clitoral stimulation as we had intercourse.  It was awesome.  I had both vaginal and clitoral orgasms, and my partner was riding on wave after wave of energetic orgasm before going over the edge into an ejaculatory orgasm.  I wanted to continue my self-pleasure by checking out the lingerie in a mirror so that I could see my sexiness.  And did I look sexy!  I have never liked lingerie because I never felt like I looked good in it, but this was awesome.  I felt like one hot mamma, and that felt really good.  I think I’ll have to get some more to add to my collection.  Ladies, if you are on the fence about Lingerie, well, I advise not giving up on it and go on a hunt for stuff that makes you feel sexy.  I think that the most important part, was the feeling sexy piece.  It increase my libido, it increased my partner’s libido, and it made the whole experience really fun.  Not to mention that it was very out of our pattern since I have never worn lingerie before, so it gave the whole thing that extra level of the erotic.  It was like being together in the begining of our relationship, before the baby, when everything is new.  I loved it!