Day 5- Witnessing Masturbation

An Awesome Session during intimacy time with my partner!  In honor of my first week of self-pleasure he witnessed me self-pleasuring.  At first I was really self- conscious, I felt really vulnerable and it was really intimate.  I did an anal massage on myself, I don’t why, but it just struck me as something that I wanted to do in the moment.  When I decided to do some clitoral stimulation I tried being on my back, that position didn’t work for me.  Went to all fours for combined anal stimulation and clitoral stimulation, but that didn’t work either.  I felt way too vulnerable and it wasn’t very comfortable.  So I went to lying on my belly, that worked well.  But then I desired penetration, so I got out the Kegel Sexerciser called the Energie by Candida Royalle.  I had three sensations going on, anal, vaginal and clitoral all at the same time.  It was great.  After a clitoral orgasm I was glowing and my parnter decided to put on a show for me…the details of which are a secret!