Day 38- Giving It a Whirl

Just had an awesome orgasm, did I need that!  I spent the day looking at naked bodies (working on my oral sex series) and listening to sex stories on Playboy Radio, so by the time I got home I was feeling turned on.  I decided to try something that I have never tried before, which is humping a pillow.  I never thought it would be effective.  I got out the Liberator Whirl and well, gave it a Whirl!  It was nice, kind of like being on top of my partner.  I could have definitly had a clitoral orgasm from the stimulation of it, but I got impatient and wanted the release, so I went for my good old faithful manual technique.  I think I had the orgasm in under 30 seconds.  My clitoris was very engorged with blood and ready to go.  I must have been aroused all day long!  This was great, I will definitly try pillow humping again 🙂

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