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Day 95- Compersion Fantasy

Today was the official launch of my new Oral Sex series, so there was a lot to celebrate.  The new season of my Radio Show also started.  The topic was Lube.  It is always such a joy to talk openly about sexuality with other people.  And my Radio Show is like an hour of foreplay!  I love it.  After the show I went out for a celebration dinner, and I purchases a new camera (this is a little retail therapy!).  I hope to start posting regular video blogs as this journey comes to an end.  I’ve been self-pleasuring a lot these last few days, late at night, early in the morning, in the afternoon.  My main sexual partner being gone frees up a lot more time for self love.

Today my mood was high.  I felt great.  Accomplishment is a wonderful aphrodisiac for me.  I played with some fantasy tonight.  I was imagining my partner at Burningman having the most fantastic time, flirting with other women, making out,  getting his sexy on.  Imagining him having so much fun was a huge turn on.  Culturally, I think that most people would see this as odd.  But I don’t get jealous really.  Instead I experience something called Compersion, which is when you actually love it when your partner is loving or being loved by someone else.  When I know my partner is having a great time, even if it is without me, I feel really happy.  I love the idea of Compersion, it feels so much better than jealousy, which we have come to equate with love.  In my self-pleasure today I indulged in my turn-on through this state of seeing my partner erotically happy!  I eventually had a wonderful clitoral and g-spot combined orgasm as I floated off in a blissfull sleepy state.

Day 79- Awesome Partner Assisted Pleasure

Something must be in the air this week.  My partner was so into me all day, he kept saying how sexy I was and kissing me.  That always gets my libido going.  I think feeling sexy is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs.  Our desire for each other was building all day, so once the baby was asleep, I initiated a little love action in the loft.  Oh, my GOD!  I remember sex feeling this good, but it hasn’t in awhile.  I chalk it up to hormones.  I can feel that something has shifted.  I’m blaming it all on Progesterone and Prolactin.  I think I’m making less milk, so my hormones are regulating and my genitals are getting more sensitive.  See, progesterone can decrease your genital sensitivity.  Penetration felt absolutely exquisite.   I felt like the session was all about my pleasure and I notice a little guilt, but I couldn’t help dive deeper into the pleasure.  I checked in with my partner and he seemed to be enjoying it just as much, so I kept diving, getting lost in the sensation.  I used my hand to stimulate my clitoris.  It was extremely engorged, I hadn’t felt it this big since the second trimester of my pregnancy (increased blood volume causes the genitals to swell).  We played and I added my self-stimulation.  For some reason I could give myself an orgasm.  So he used a combination of his hands and his mouth (something he learned from my Oral Sex for Couples Series to get me there.  As much as I love sex with myself, I really like sex with partner and myself combined!

Day 45- I Love My JOB!

Being a Sex Educator is the best Job EVER! I mean who gets to talk about sex, self-pleasure on the job, and do research about love, relationships and pleasure!?!? Well, I do! Today I was back in the recording booth finishing the Voice Overs for the new Oral Sex Series. I was in the booth for a total of about 4 hours, so I thought I might as well take advantage of the time. I was alone in there, and the Voice Over could use a little added sexual energy, so why not go for it. As I read the techniques for cunnilingus I did a bunch of Kegel Exercises and the added some light clitoral stimulation. The chair I was sitting in was also nice to rock my pelvis back and forth. It was a yummy time!

Day 38- Giving It a Whirl

Just had an awesome orgasm, did I need that!  I spent the day looking at naked bodies (working on my oral sex series) and listening to sex stories on Playboy Radio, so by the time I got home I was feeling turned on.  I decided to try something that I have never tried before, which is humping a pillow.  I never thought it would be effective.  I got out the Liberator Whirl and well, gave it a Whirl!  It was nice, kind of like being on top of my partner.  I could have definitly had a clitoral orgasm from the stimulation of it, but I got impatient and wanted the release, so I went for my good old faithful manual technique.  I think I had the orgasm in under 30 seconds.  My clitoris was very engorged with blood and ready to go.  I must have been aroused all day long!  This was great, I will definitly try pillow humping again 🙂

Also see my book: A New Angle on Sex: Positions, Pillows and Pleasure

Day 37- Recording Session/Sidelying

Today I was in studio recording the Voice Over track for Volume One of my new Oral Sex series.  To spice things up a bit and help me to get my sexy energy voice going I did a bunch of kegels while imagining that I was either giving or recieving oral pleasures!  My self-pleasure session may have been combined with working, but hey, it was great.  And the recording turned out to be awesome.  I thought I’d add some more self-pleasure as the day ended.  It’s now just a few minutes before midnight.  I just finished a session where I was lying on my side with my legs closed, while doing clitoral stimulation.  Held off on the orgasm though, due to the fact that it’s so late.  I think session number 39 will be my opportunity to go over the edge and do a nice long self love day!