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Day 95- Compersion Fantasy

Today was the official launch of my new Oral Sex series, so there was a lot to celebrate.  The new season of my Radio Show also started.  The topic was Lube.  It is always such a joy to talk openly about sexuality with other people.  And my Radio Show is like an hour of foreplay!  I love it.  After the show I went out for a celebration dinner, and I purchases a new camera (this is a little retail therapy!).  I hope to start posting regular video blogs as this journey comes to an end.  I’ve been self-pleasuring a lot these last few days, late at night, early in the morning, in the afternoon.  My main sexual partner being gone frees up a lot more time for self love.

Today my mood was high.  I felt great.  Accomplishment is a wonderful aphrodisiac for me.  I played with some fantasy tonight.  I was imagining my partner at Burningman having the most fantastic time, flirting with other women, making out,  getting his sexy on.  Imagining him having so much fun was a huge turn on.  Culturally, I think that most people would see this as odd.  But I don’t get jealous really.  Instead I experience something called Compersion, which is when you actually love it when your partner is loving or being loved by someone else.  When I know my partner is having a great time, even if it is without me, I feel really happy.  I love the idea of Compersion, it feels so much better than jealousy, which we have come to equate with love.  In my self-pleasure today I indulged in my turn-on through this state of seeing my partner erotically happy!  I eventually had a wonderful clitoral and g-spot combined orgasm as I floated off in a blissfull sleepy state.

Day 87-Ella Re-Visted

Took my new favorite lube (Aloe Cadabra) and the Ella and laid down on the floor.  The dim lights and the scent of lavender from the lube helped me to feel more relaxed.  I started by pressing the Ella into my U-spot and Vaginal Opening, while doing clitoral stimulation.  I was able to quickly go into penetration.  It has amazed me how good vaginal stimulation is feeling these days.  My G-spot seems to be in a perpetual state of arousal and feels better than ever!  I don’t know if it’s all the self pleasure culminating or some kind of shift in my hormones.  I’ve been having more intercourse lately too.  Perhaps it’s a combination of everything.  As the pleasure mounted it became all about the moment and the sensation.  I was able to really feel the exquisite pleasure from the inside as I used the Ella to stimulate my g-spot and u-spot.  With my other hand I was doing clitoral stimulation by rubbing rapidly.  Had a great combination orgasm! Oh, and I went to the gym today, while there I read more of Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel.  I have to say that the book is one of my favorites right now.

Day 25- A Little Honey Dipping

Started off my session with some Hot Rawks– a libido enhancer made with cacao, cayenne pepper and maca powder.  That helped boost my energy for a great solo sex session.  Went up to the love loft and choose a new ceramic toy called the Honey Wand. I’ve never used ceramic and this was my first experience.  On my way there I notice that I had started my mentrual cycle, perfect timing (ha!) since I’ve dedicated this week to vaginal exploration.  Since I stick to my commitments I went for it anyway, and I’m so glad I did.  I started by using the wand externally in my clitoris, then added some lube and went for internal stimulation.  It was great at stimulating my G-spot even though it doesn’t have a curve.  I worked my way up to a vaginal orgasm that rolled into a clitoral orgasm into a combination g-spot and vaginal orgasm.  A great time int he middle of my work day.  Have I told you recently that I love my JOB!

Day 19- Part Two- Bathtime with a Triple Treat

Warning!  This is probably my most explicit post to date, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I just had to take advantage of the huge tub in my hotel room.  I poured myself a hot bath and threw in some bath and massage oil with Ylang Ylang in it.  AHHH!  The bath was so great that I couldn’t resist self-pleasuring.  I noticed when I looked up that I could see my reflection in the large shower head.  I positioned myself so that I could witness my self pleasure.  Just like my pole dancing early today, it was hot!  I brought some additional toys that weren’t being used as teaching aids.  After a long time in the bath, I got out to do an intense self pleasure session starting by using the Ophoria Rapture with Clitoral Stimulation.  After some time I added the Nobessence Kegel Sexerciser for Vaginal Stimulation.  So I had all three going at once- clit, anus and vagina.  After a few orgasms I decided to get back in the bath.  When I went in to the bathroom to take out the Sexerciser I gushed all over the floor, that the second time thats happened.  The bath was still warm, and a glorious place for after glow.  I quickly shot this video, before reading some erotic fairy tales and heading to sleep.