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Day 71- Bath Salts and Ella

No, Ella isn’t another woman, it’s a great pleasure object by Lelo.  I’ll get to her, but want to start at the beginning.  I really wanted to set aside time for myself today.  I’ve been feeling like I’m not getting enough exercise.  Before I gave birth I danced 5 days a week, and I went to the gym every single day.  Now I’m lucky if I dance once every few months and get to the gym once a week.  So as part of this project I am making a gym schedule, no more excuses.  And I am going to start dancing at least twice a month.  How’s that!  I started the day with an hour at the gym, then had a great lunch followed by a steam sauna that included a hot shower and lavender bath salt scrub.  My skin feels so soft and smells amazing.  While in the steam sauna I was joined by Ella, a rose colored dildo that is just up my alley.  The water from the shower was making things a little dry, so I turned it off and just played in the heat of the steam.  I loved that this toy can be used on either end, and it is silky smooth.  I definitely want to dedicate and entire session to her.  I feel like something has opened up for me in regards to ejaculation lately and it has been flowing very easily.  The Ella was great for g-spot and u-spot stimulation.  I had to try it mostly standing up, so I’m anxious to try it lying down.  I think tomorrow I’ll give her another whirl!

Day 68- Fantasy Pulls Me Out of The FuNK

Finally, a great session.  I feel like I’m back!  My partner and I had our regularly scheduled intimacy time today.  Things have been so funky this week and I feel like I’ve lost sight of what this project is all about.  It’s about pleasure, and this week has felt like a chore.  But this session was what I love.  I’m making a new commitment to make this more about loving myself and more about what really brings me pleasure, more than anything else.  I have to take the time for myself.  So, back to my session.  My partner and I climbed up to the love loft.  We were still having trouble getting out of our heads, so I thought I might as well practice what I preach and use some of my own recommendations to help.  I closed my eyes and allowed my partner to tell me an erotic story.  He did a great job describing the details and using his touch to ground it into my body.  It got me really turned on both mentally and physically and the story telling helped to keep me very present in the moment.  We went deep into a fantasy that had us both highly aroused.

After a long session he reached climax.  I was on the verge of ejaculating (something that I don’t do much with him, and something he has never witnessed me doing).  So I grabbed one of the first toys I ever got, called a Crystal Wand, and I did some U-spot/G-spot stimulation.   It didn’t take long at all before I was ejaculating over and over again.  Thank God, for the Liberator Fascinator Thow, otherwise it would have been very messy.  My partner was a bit surprised by it, he actually gasped and his eyes got really wide.  I got a little self conscious, but I was really high from the lovemaking and now the demonstration that I was doing for him.  We didn’t really get any afterglow time because the babysitter was off in 5 minutes, so we had to scurry to switch gears.  Both of us felt very altered from our experience together.  I was so relaxed.  The most relaxed I have felt in a very, very long time.  YAY!

Day 48- Aswini 4 Orgasm Mudra

After a fulfilling day of private session work, I decided to practice what I preach.  I modified a technique called Aswini Mudra for one of my clients who is wanting to pro-long orgasms.  I thought it would be a great way to enjoy myself during my self-pleasure session.  So I started out with Aswini Mudra- inhaling one third of my lung capacity, contracting and relaxing my anal sphincter rapidly, inhaling a second third, contracting and relaxing, filling my lungs, contracting and relaxing, holding the contraction, holding my breath, rolling my shoulders up and forward and dropping my chin to my chest.  Lifting my chin, taking a sniff of air, as I relaxed all the tension from my body.  I did this all the while sitting with the heel of my foot on my clitoris.

After a few rounds I went fully into my self-pleasure, lying on the floor with a Liberator Fascinator Throe for some soft padding.  I had the Njoy Pure Wand handy.  I started with some clitoral stimulation combined with the Aswini Mudra.  After I felt adequately aroused I decided to use the Pure Wand.  With the small end I did g-spot, u-spot and a-spot stimulation.  AWESOME!  The combination of Aswini Mudra, with clitoral stimulation and the Pure Wand sent me into multiple orgasms.  It started when I got close to a clitoral orgasm and I stopped the clitoral stimulation which triggered a Vaginal Orgasm.  It was a large, wonderful extended orgasm.  Then I went back to clitoral stimulation combined with the Pure Wand on my g-spot and u-spot, next thing I knew I was ejaculating.  I kept going.  Soon after came the big bang clitoral orgasm.  I rested for a moment with aftershocks and sexual energy coursing through my body.


Day 41- Hot Water

With only 20 minutes to spare I made it! Hot showers are the best. Everyone was asleep so I went into the guest bath and took a really hot shower. I’ve never showered in there before. There’s a large frosted glass window that looks out onto the porch so at night I could see my sillhoette in the window. It was very sexy. I’m feeling very sexy these days, maybe it’s one of the effects of this project. Hot water in itself is great pleasure, but add in a freshly waxed vulva and you have a great combination (at least in my case!). The water felt so good, so I stretched my labia out to the sides so that my clitoris was exposed to the hot water. Awesome! I did some tapping on my clit and my u-spot, which almost always brings about some female ejaculate. It’s past midnight, must get some sleep. But before I head off to bed, I must say that I prefer to self pleasure during the day. Although I usually end up enjoying my night sessions I like scheduling longer periods duirng the day and having an orgasm. At night if I have an orgasm it is really hard to sleep, so I hold off, at least on clitoral orgasms.

Day 35- 4th of July Waterworks

It’s been a very long week, loads of work, but I even though I still had work to do today, I made sure it was still filled with pleasure.  First off the day started with some very special fruit pancakes.  And throughout the day I enjoyed some really great ripe fruit, plums, apricots, peaches and a carrot mango smoothie.  There was some hiking too and some singing and dancing.  As the day wound down I slipped away to a steam shower where I played with triggering orgasm through scent with my essential oils.  And of course I did a little U-spot stimulation (urethral opening/g-spot head) which triggered some ejaculatory waterworks.  I then proceeded to brushing my hair and my teeth, while craving connection with my partner.  He’s agreed to help me film tonight, that way we’ll have some time for some intimacy together.  YAY!!!!

Day 17- Airplane Adventures

I’m at 32,000 feet, thinking about what I can do for my self pleasure session since I’ll be on an airplane to Scotland for the next 13 hours.  So I started with a little Sexual Shamanism, Radiating Sexual Energy, Expanding, Extending, Resonating.  I play with radiating in, loving myself.  I meditate to raise my sexual energy.  Okay, so some of you may think this way out there and cheating…I decided that a rule for my self pleasure is that I have to do some kind of genital stimulation…so, I went to the airplane bathroom and inserted a little pleasure bead  by Lelo.  While I was there I tending to my clitoris a little, but didn’t want to hold up the bathroom, so I returned to my seat with the little ball jiggling inside of me.  It brought a whole new sensation to turbulence!  I decided to play with thinking myself off, which I was able to do.  I just imagined clitoral stimulation and I could feel the orgasmic pulses going through my pelvic floor.  I went to the bathroom near the end of my flight and had the strangest thing happen.  I urinated, but then had this intense orgasmic feeling in my urethra (pee tube) and I knew I had to take out the pleasure bead.  When I did I had this amazing gush of fluid, not sure if it was pee-gasm, or if it was ejaculate built up from hours of having the bead inside and jiggling about!

Day 12- Ravishment By WOOD

I Started to wonder if I would actually get my self-pleasure session in today.  We had relatives come in from out of town, a radio show to do, a museum visit (where I saw a very inspirational and sexy short film called Minotaur), and dinner out.  We didn’t get home until 10:00PM, and I still had to get the baby to sleep.  But I made it!

I grabbed some Kombucha and headed down to my office.  I Started with reading a little erotica from My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday.  Just knowing I was reading erotica was a turn on.  I thought back to our Radio Show, where we talked about dark sexual energies and ravishment and I thought I’d like to ravish myself.  When I looked at my table of new toys I picked one that said Ravishment to me.  That was the Nobessence Seduction made out of Black Palm.  This wood is so beautiful that I felt honored by it’s sensual hand made sculpture.  I was ravishing myself with art!  It felt amazing by the way.  I sat in my office chair and gave myself deep penetration with the Seduction, while adding clitoral stimulation.  First I had an ejaculatory Orgasm, then clitoral.  When it was all over it was almost midnight!  Whew! Just made it!