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Day 87-Ella Re-Visted

Took my new favorite lube (Aloe Cadabra) and the Ella and laid down on the floor.  The dim lights and the scent of lavender from the lube helped me to feel more relaxed.  I started by pressing the Ella into my U-spot and Vaginal Opening, while doing clitoral stimulation.  I was able to quickly go into penetration.  It has amazed me how good vaginal stimulation is feeling these days.  My G-spot seems to be in a perpetual state of arousal and feels better than ever!  I don’t know if it’s all the self pleasure culminating or some kind of shift in my hormones.  I’ve been having more intercourse lately too.  Perhaps it’s a combination of everything.  As the pleasure mounted it became all about the moment and the sensation.  I was able to really feel the exquisite pleasure from the inside as I used the Ella to stimulate my g-spot and u-spot.  With my other hand I was doing clitoral stimulation by rubbing rapidly.  Had a great combination orgasm! Oh, and I went to the gym today, while there I read more of Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel.  I have to say that the book is one of my favorites right now.

Day 68- Fantasy Pulls Me Out of The FuNK

Finally, a great session.  I feel like I’m back!  My partner and I had our regularly scheduled intimacy time today.  Things have been so funky this week and I feel like I’ve lost sight of what this project is all about.  It’s about pleasure, and this week has felt like a chore.  But this session was what I love.  I’m making a new commitment to make this more about loving myself and more about what really brings me pleasure, more than anything else.  I have to take the time for myself.  So, back to my session.  My partner and I climbed up to the love loft.  We were still having trouble getting out of our heads, so I thought I might as well practice what I preach and use some of my own recommendations to help.  I closed my eyes and allowed my partner to tell me an erotic story.  He did a great job describing the details and using his touch to ground it into my body.  It got me really turned on both mentally and physically and the story telling helped to keep me very present in the moment.  We went deep into a fantasy that had us both highly aroused.

After a long session he reached climax.  I was on the verge of ejaculating (something that I don’t do much with him, and something he has never witnessed me doing).  So I grabbed one of the first toys I ever got, called a Crystal Wand, and I did some U-spot/G-spot stimulation.   It didn’t take long at all before I was ejaculating over and over again.  Thank God, for the Liberator Fascinator Thow, otherwise it would have been very messy.  My partner was a bit surprised by it, he actually gasped and his eyes got really wide.  I got a little self conscious, but I was really high from the lovemaking and now the demonstration that I was doing for him.  We didn’t really get any afterglow time because the babysitter was off in 5 minutes, so we had to scurry to switch gears.  Both of us felt very altered from our experience together.  I was so relaxed.  The most relaxed I have felt in a very, very long time.  YAY!

Day 46- Bath Salts and Breast Stimulation

The electricity went out in the neighborhood, it’s still out as I write this. I love when the electricity goes out. It’s so quiet, it’s so dark, and the light we do have is often candles. My partner and I stood out on the deck for a long time looking at the stars, listening to crickets, and softly talking. I would like to do that more often. We held each other an ate some Hibiscus.

I used the energy of our soft romance for my session. I went into the guest bath with a lantern. Ah, the hot water of the shower with the soft light, it was so nice. I took a long time washing my hair. I love having my hair washed. Then tried some bath salts. I like the sensations of the salts and how soft my skin feels after using them. I thought a lot about women who can have orgasms from breast stimulation. While I like my breasts stimulated it hasn’t really been something I have experienced. I thought that perhaps it was time to explore this possibility. But I just couldn’t get there. I tried a variety of different breast massage techniques and nipple stimulation. Light touch did feel good. I think that all of the breastfeeding has desensitized me a bit. I’m curious as to what my breasts will be like when I stop and they are no longer a food factory but become a sexual organ once again. I got impatient with the whole breast affair and moved to genital touch. I am loving the feeling of this Brazilian Bikini Wax! Everything just feels so clean and more sensitive. I did a little clitoral and u-spot stimulation where I moved my index fingers of each hand in tiny circular motions. That was really nice. It’s late at night, so no orgasm tonight. I am learning that I definitely prefer to self-pleasure in the morning or afternoon.

Day 35- 4th of July Waterworks

It’s been a very long week, loads of work, but I even though I still had work to do today, I made sure it was still filled with pleasure.  First off the day started with some very special fruit pancakes.  And throughout the day I enjoyed some really great ripe fruit, plums, apricots, peaches and a carrot mango smoothie.  There was some hiking too and some singing and dancing.  As the day wound down I slipped away to a steam shower where I played with triggering orgasm through scent with my essential oils.  And of course I did a little U-spot stimulation (urethral opening/g-spot head) which triggered some ejaculatory waterworks.  I then proceeded to brushing my hair and my teeth, while craving connection with my partner.  He’s agreed to help me film tonight, that way we’ll have some time for some intimacy together.  YAY!!!!

Days 20-22- Patterns of Self Love

As things got crazier in Scotland with my teaching schedule it got harder to find time to languish in the pleasure, but hey, sometimes quickies can be great!  So on Day 20 I went into my pattern, to try to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, but it did the opposite and energized me.  Since it was my pattern I thought I’d try to get another session in before midnight, but the day was packed and I was at a high class dinner so I snuck off to the bathroom just a few minutes before that golden hour to do a little U-spot stimulation.  Day 21- I was on an airplane headed back to the states, but I gained 8 hours!  So that evening before sleep, I warmed my self up with some self stimulation before my partner came in and we had an awesome, and I mean awesome time making love.  Today is Day 22, and I am catching up on my video blog since I was having technical difficulties in Scotland.  Today I went into my pattern again, but didn’t have an orgasm, before I drifted off into an afternoon nap.  This week I am committing to vaginal exploration since I have been in my pattern a lot lately.  We’ll see what I discover!