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Day 55- 1 Minute Erotic Trance

Another 14 hour day teaching at our Super Sex Life Make-Over.  I did a demo for the group on Erotic Trance.  I closed my eyes and quickly used my breath and self touch to go deep into my sensuality and erotic energy.  It’s so hard to describe this experience.  We don’t have words for moving erotic energy, for orgasms that happen from just a thought, or even touching through your clothes.  I have to admit that I am exhibitionist, so having people witness me adds to the experience.  After my one minute erotic trance demonstration the group seemed in awe.  One man exclaimed “I want to do that!”.  Luckily I have filmed what this looks like, since it’s so hard to put into words.  It’s really the first film I ever wanted to make, and I’m going to edit it myself.  It’s my first project where I am editing by myself.  I’m so excited for it.

Days 20-22- Patterns of Self Love

As things got crazier in Scotland with my teaching schedule it got harder to find time to languish in the pleasure, but hey, sometimes quickies can be great!  So on Day 20 I went into my pattern, to try to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, but it did the opposite and energized me.  Since it was my pattern I thought I’d try to get another session in before midnight, but the day was packed and I was at a high class dinner so I snuck off to the bathroom just a few minutes before that golden hour to do a little U-spot stimulation.  Day 21- I was on an airplane headed back to the states, but I gained 8 hours!  So that evening before sleep, I warmed my self up with some self stimulation before my partner came in and we had an awesome, and I mean awesome time making love.  Today is Day 22, and I am catching up on my video blog since I was having technical difficulties in Scotland.  Today I went into my pattern again, but didn’t have an orgasm, before I drifted off into an afternoon nap.  This week I am committing to vaginal exploration since I have been in my pattern a lot lately.  We’ll see what I discover!

Day 17- Airplane Adventures

I’m at 32,000 feet, thinking about what I can do for my self pleasure session since I’ll be on an airplane to Scotland for the next 13 hours.  So I started with a little Sexual Shamanism, Radiating Sexual Energy, Expanding, Extending, Resonating.  I play with radiating in, loving myself.  I meditate to raise my sexual energy.  Okay, so some of you may think this way out there and cheating…I decided that a rule for my self pleasure is that I have to do some kind of genital stimulation…so, I went to the airplane bathroom and inserted a little pleasure bead  by Lelo.  While I was there I tending to my clitoris a little, but didn’t want to hold up the bathroom, so I returned to my seat with the little ball jiggling inside of me.  It brought a whole new sensation to turbulence!  I decided to play with thinking myself off, which I was able to do.  I just imagined clitoral stimulation and I could feel the orgasmic pulses going through my pelvic floor.  I went to the bathroom near the end of my flight and had the strangest thing happen.  I urinated, but then had this intense orgasmic feeling in my urethra (pee tube) and I knew I had to take out the pleasure bead.  When I did I had this amazing gush of fluid, not sure if it was pee-gasm, or if it was ejaculate built up from hours of having the bead inside and jiggling about!