Day 78- Butt Massage

I’m still feeling like things just aren’t back to normal since having my office broken into.  So, I gave myself a great butt massage before going to sleep.  Lying on my stomach, I started with just light stroking over the back of my thighs and buttocks.  The light strokes felt wonderful and gave me goose bumps.  I then tried some deeper kneading, pressing into my glutes and upper back thighs.  I also added some stretching, squeezing my butt cheeks together and then spreading them apart again.  Stretching indirectly stimulated my anus.   This massage was nice and relaxing before drifting off to sleep, my hand on it’s usual position over my vulva.

I really encourage you to try some butt massage for relaxation and pleasure.  It can be a wonderful prelude to anal sex with yourself or anal sex with a partner.  Try light strokes with your finger tips and deeper kneading.  You can include stimulation directly to your anus as well, or indirectly stimulate your anus by stretching your butt cheeks.