Day 15- Shocking

I was feeling lazy today, kinda just wanted something to do it all for me.  So I got out the Electic Stimulation unit I was sent by She-Stim.  This wasn’t the first time that I played with this.  The first time I shocked myself, not necessarily pleasant and I learned quickly.  So this time I got out the clitoral stimulator called the Halo and kept it put as I increased the stimulation and changed the pulsations.  I learned that I really liked the pulsations that increased in speed and tapped on me.  It was exactly what I wanted, I pushed a button and it did the work!  Once I felt good and aroused I shifted gears (on my way down I noticed that less pulsation on the clitoris felt exqusite so I visted that place for a moment) and used the  Wave attachment for internal stimulation.  I didn’t feel much at first, it was really subtle.  I played with this until I got a good pulsation near the opening of my vagina, at which point I added clitoral stimulation with my hands.  After my clitoral orgasm I left the “Wave” inside to see what might be different post-orgasm.  I could feel my vagina getting stronger with each pulse.  It felt really good, like going to the chiropractor and recieving a treatment with a TENS unit.  And I’m glad to say that this time I didn’t shock myself!