Day 62-63: Sexy Yoga Nidra

Day 62- Back into my pattern of Clitoral Stimulation, body tension and then orgasm.  These late night sessions are just not my favorite.  These orgasms before sleep, take away my sleep and have me up all night, all energized.

Day 63- To balance out my pattern I decided to try something new.  Yoga Nidra is a meditation to help you get into a Theta State, in other words, to help you relax really deep.  I learned it when I became a Tantra teacher and it was always my favorite part of the weekend workshop.  I loved teaching it, but I noticed that the genitals were left out of the meditation.  So, I recorded my own version, which I call Sexy Yoga Nidra, where the female genitals are included!  I didn’t use my recording, but instead I went through it in my mind.  It was a wonderful way to relax before bed and to use visual imagery to get my libido lifted!