Day 51- Part Two- Clitoral Stimulation Gel

Went up to the love loft.  Really relished the time along, the quiet and just taking some time for myself.  I decided to try a little Clitoral Stimulating Gel by Intimate Organics.  Maybe there was something wrong with mine, but it was less of a gel and more like a smooth liquid.  The directions said to put underneath the clitoris, I’m not sure if they meant the clitoral shaft of something else.  So, I massaged the “gel” into my clitoral shaft and hood.  I had the gentle strength, I think I needed more intensity.  The best part was just taking time to give myself a nice genital massage.  And after I had a clitoral orgasm I just took a moment to take a breath and be with myself, even though I wanted to get up and rush on to all the things on my “to do” list.

Oh, and Sheri Winston shared how she self-pleasured, even through jet lag and being overly stressed.  She still found the time to enjoy herself, and in my office too!