Day 17- Airplane Adventures

I’m at 32,000 feet, thinking about what I can do for my self pleasure session since I’ll be on an airplane to Scotland for the next 13 hours.  So I started with a little Sexual Shamanism, Radiating Sexual Energy, Expanding, Extending, Resonating.  I play with radiating in, loving myself.  I meditate to raise my sexual energy.  Okay, so some of you may think this way out there and cheating…I decided that a rule for my self pleasure is that I have to do some kind of genital stimulation…so, I went to the airplane bathroom and inserted a little pleasure bead  by Lelo.  While I was there I tending to my clitoris a little, but didn’t want to hold up the bathroom, so I returned to my seat with the little ball jiggling inside of me.  It brought a whole new sensation to turbulence!  I decided to play with thinking myself off, which I was able to do.  I just imagined clitoral stimulation and I could feel the orgasmic pulses going through my pelvic floor.  I went to the bathroom near the end of my flight and had the strangest thing happen.  I urinated, but then had this intense orgasmic feeling in my urethra (pee tube) and I knew I had to take out the pleasure bead.  When I did I had this amazing gush of fluid, not sure if it was pee-gasm, or if it was ejaculate built up from hours of having the bead inside and jiggling about!