Day 96-Mastubation Magic

You may have heard of sex magic, tonight I decided to try a little self-pleasure magic!  I had the opportunity to study with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, sacred sex author and filmmaker.  He taught me about the 4 elements of sexuality.

1)Water Sex- Pleasure Sex

2) Air Sex- Romantic Love

3) Fire Sex- Transformational or Energy Merging Sex

and 4) Earth Sex- Sex for Procreation.

I like to think that Earth Sex can be sex for PRO-CREATION, in other words something is manifested as a result of sexual energy, expression and pleasure.  I set an intention that my orgasm help to manifest the safe return of my partner on his journey home.  As I self-pleasured I kept breathing deeply and holding the intention that my partner return safely home to my arms.  I had this sense that he would be leaving the Playa early, that he was missing me and our son.  On the way to Burningman the car kept overheating, so I kept the visualization that his journey home was smooth, safe and quick.   It was a nice way to connect with him.  As I write this I notice that I have been connecting with him these last few days even if we can’t e-mail or call.  I’ve been connecting with him through these self-pleasure sessions.  What a great way to stay intimate even though we are hundreds of miles away from each other!