Day 24- Castor Oil Massage

Since returning from Scotland my son has been extremely attached to me, which makes it hard to find self-pleasure time.  I started my session by brushing all the knots out of my hair and getting ready for a steam shower.  Once I got into the shower, my son had an “I want my mommy!” meltdown, so I got out and comforted him for a while before he was able to be distracted and I could resume “me time”.  Back in the shower I took time to bathe, wash my hair and use a little aromatherapy.  Once I got out of the steam I massaged bath oils into my skin.  I decided early on to do some Castor Oil Massage on my vulva and internal vagina.  So I spent time exploring to see if I could feel any scar tissue from the birth that may have returned.  I use lots of oil and massaged any rough areas that I found.  It might not have been an orgasmic session, but it was a sexual wellness session and that’s important too!