Day 69- Blessingway, Dinner, Movie, Sleep

In the theme of self-love I decided not to push myself to “masturbate” before I went to sleep.  Instead I tried weaving pleasure throughout my day.  I started the day doing a little postpartum sexuality research and then headed to a Blessingway for a friend.  It was such a sweet gathering of wise women sharing their experiences of motherhood.  I realize that something that feeds me is being in community with other women.  It is such a need for us to come together, share wisdom, food, songs, and ritual.  This was a lovely way to receive pleasure, even if it didn’t involve my genitals.  After some time with the girls I went to dinner with my partner and son.  It was so lovely to be with them, just enjoying our time together having a night out.  It might not have been romantic or orgasmic in the traditional sense, but I felt so close to my family and that brought me joy.  We visited a book store afterwards, while my son and pappa were looking for dinosaur books I checked out my own book.  Sometimes I love visiting my book Red Hot Touch in the bookstore.  It gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  We went home and after the baby was asleep my partner and I curled up on the couch to watch a movie.  It’s something so rare and it felt so good just to sit there and relax with him.  I then drifted off to sleep my hand on my vulva (I have to get some genital touch in there!) feeling completely at ease.

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