Day 59- B-Swishes (Bcurious)

I don’t know what it is about using a vibrator, but I just want to go straight for my clitoris!  All of my training as a sexologist goes out the window and I don’t use any of my erotic tools.  I noticed this as I played with a new toy.  I left the bcurious charging overnight so that it would be ready for me today.  I love the ergonomic design, it fit so perfectly in my hand.  I found that the 4th speed was my favorite with little pulses and a buzz.  Once I stopped myself form going straight for the gold, I was able to play more creatively.  It’s nice when I sink into the sensations.  The bcurious was a great warm-up and I really want to try it again.  I finished my session with some manual stimulation combined with the vibration and had a lovely clitoral orgasm.  I ended with some yummy coconut water.

P.S.  I also had the opportunity to go to a dance class tonight, which is so much self-pleasure it’s crazy.  The class was with Misty Tripoli, called the Groove Method, and I had an awesome time!