Day 72- Office Broken Into-Camera Stolen

I came down my office and found that it had been broken into and my new camera had been stolen.  So here I am cameraless (I don’t think that’s a word).   I had new videos all recorded and ready to upload, but now they are gone forever.  Two cameras gone!  After having the police here and all the craziness of the day I didn’t really feel much like self pleasuring, even though I had originally planned to dedicate the day to a long indulgent session with the Ella.  Instead I went into my old pattern, rubbing my clitoris for a few minutes until I had an orgasm, it felt emotional after the days end, but of course I couldn’t sleep.

Tomorrow I will have a guest blogger, Miss Jamye Waxman.  I’m going to ask her to help me out with this one.  I notice that I still have a bit of sexual guilt around pleasure for pleasure’s sake.  Why isn’t it okay just to “get off”, why do I still feed the need to always have some kind of personal practice, ritual or spiritual intention around touching myself?  Why isn’t my pattern okay?  I have great orgasms that way.  I guess I can answer my own question here.  It isn’t okay to do all the time because it causes me knee problems, and it can just turn into an unconscious habit for me.  We’ll see what advice Jamye has to share…