Day 36- Sensational Touch

This session was wonderful.  At first my mind was racing and it was really hard to stay present with the sensations in my body.  As I settled into it though and brought my awareness into my hands it helped me to pay attention to the pleasure.  I must say, I have great touch skill.  I usually think of applying this skill to my partners, but why not apply it to my own body?  I spent time lightly touching and tantilizing every inch of my skin.  I found delightful places to spend a little bit more time, like my inner thighs, over my vulva and then up to my belly.  I also did a little hard scratching on my skin.  I found the contrast between the light touch and the hard scratching to send shivers all over.  But even more exciting wa finding a new pleasurable way to touch my clitoris.  I squeezed it hard between my thumb and forefinger of one hand so that the head and clitoral hood were just barely exposed between my fingers.  Then I took the forefinger of my other hand and very, very lightly stroked the exposed area of my clit.  That was awesome!  I decided not to have an orgasms, because it was later in the day and I didn’t want to get all jazzed up before bed.  Plus, I like teasing myself and sometimes staying in an orgasmic state as opposed to have the “genital sneeze” type clitoral orgasm.  So, I stayed right there, and am still floating there!