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Day 82- Lovely Patterns

Oh, I love my clitoral orgasms.  I’m feeling better overall and taking more time in the day to stop and do something that pleasures me.  I’ve been writing a lot these days, from blogs, to my new book and oral course.  It’s nice to stop and take breaks, to stretch and think about loving myself.  It’s also nice to have those clitoral orgasm.  Took some time to have a few before drifting off to sleep.  Something has changed and I am now able to have orgasms before sleep. YAY!!!!!  I can’t tell you how glad I am to have that back.  Maybe it was pushing through and going into the pattern that did it.  Maybe something has shifted hormonally.  Whatever the case I am glad to be able to self-pleasure before sleep and have an orgasm.  Why not have an orgasm before bed and another first thing in the morning?

Day 80- Morning Pattern and Committing to Self Love

Still feeling aroused from my evening session with my partner, I woke up wanting more               orgasms.  I went into the pattern, had my clitoral orgasm and started the day.  I really   wanted  to get to the gym for a Core Fusion class, but I couldn’t get out the door.  The baby was crying, I couldn’t find my contacts…I eventually did get to the gym, but I was in a rather sour mood.

My partner recently brought up the fact to me that I really neglect myself.  I started to see all the areas of my life where this is true.  I’m a new mom, I run a very full time sex education company, I produce videos, I write blogs, I appear in the media, and I have two partners.  Life is very full.  I don’t really see it as neglect of myself, it’s more like I’m just no that into self-preservation.  But I can see his point.  I need to take more care of myself and that is what this 101 Days of Pleasure project is about, loving myself, taking time for myself.  But it turns into work in some way.  I have to write my blog, film a video, upload the posts, edit etc.  Sometimes it turns from self-pleasure into an obligation.  In order to care for myself more I will be doing less video posting (and since my camera is gone) and more writing for the time being.  There are some basic things I’m just not good at since I had my baby, like remembering to drink water, to take deep breaths, to brush my teeth and hair.  I feel lucky if I get more than one shower in a week.

Okay, I only have 21 more days of this challenge.  If there is any time to do this, it’s now.  First step- Eat a Healthy Lunch! Next make a list of all the ways in which I neglect myself.  That way I can see what is really going on….So I made the list, and it’s pretty depressing.  The biggest area that I neglect myself is my body, the next is financially.  These are the two things I will be working on for the next 21 days.  Feeding my body and my state of abundance.  No more of this neglect stuff.  I also made a list of what feeds me, and I’m going to do lots more of that.  Over the next 21 days, more self-care, more dance, more attention to my finances, more trips to the gym, eating great food and definitely more deep breaths!  Orgasms are easy, but truly and deeply loving myself enough to make my body a priority is another challenge.  I’m up for it.

Day 70- It’s a Good Day!

I beat myself up way too much. I think I’m my own worst critic.  As part of self-loving I think it’s important that I also start being easier on myself and that I really hear it when people telling me that they love me, that I’m doing a good job, and then they do nice things for me.  Today was a very good day and I am breathing in the pleasure of that.  I can think of so much to be grateful for as I slow down and focus on my breath, my heart and all that I have accomplished.  It’s a really good life I am living.  So as I stroked my vulva I counted my blessings and as I touched different areas of my body I thanked them.  It’s been too long since I have thanked my body for all that it does and all of the pleasure that it brings me.   My body is amazing.  Sometimes I forget to listen to it in all the noise in my mind, sometimes I forget to thank myself and be grateful for who I am. I’m feeling pretty awesome tonight!

If you’ve been joining me on this exploration I invite you to try this.  So often we take our bodies for granted, it’s nice to take the time to thank them.  Start with your face, touch your face and think about what it gives you everyday.  Love your eyes, your nose, your lips, you hair.  Think about the pleasure these parts give you.  Continue throughout your entire body…

Day 56- Using an Erotic Toolkit

Breath, Sound, Movement, Intention, Touch, and Music; all items for my Erotic “Tool Kit” as Sheri Winston calls it.  This session started with setting an intention.  My intention, to open my heart o myself, to love myself more.  I said to myself “I am loving me, all of me.”.  I close my eyes.  The music comes on and I start to move and breath.  I breath deeply in and out of my mouth paying attention to variety.  Sometimes I breath fast to build up lots of excitements, sometimes I breathe slow and sensual.  I let the music guide me.  I start making sound as I exhale.  I like making big sounds, big long moans and groans.  I touch my body in order to drive the sensations all over.  I especially focus on my breasts and heart area, tapping, stroking and massaging myself.  Sometimes hugging myself, sometimes opening my chests with my arms behind.  I keep breathing, sounding, touching, and moving throughout.  When the music ends I am sad that it is over but happy about how I feel.  I want more, but I’m teaching.  I sit on the floor and notice the sensations in my body.  YUM!

I am continually amazed at what using these tools, which we all have and all can do, can do for us both erotically and in life.  I highly recommend doing this to reach erotic ecstasy.  These are the tools that help you to prolong lovemaking, in both women and men.