I’m really aware of my hormonal cycles lately.  I must be all the hormone research I am doing for the RSVP (Reclaiming Sexual Vitality Postpartum) course that I am writing.  I noticed today that something lifted.  I am guessing that my body is out of the high progesterone phase and is moving into more of an estrogen phase.  See, progesterone inhibits your sex drive and can make you feel fat and depressed, but estrogen turns on your receptive sexuality-your come-hither sensuality.  I’m feeling very sexy today.  I’ve been taking better care of myself too, which I also think is playing into me feeling so good.  I started a new workout program to strengthen my abdominals and pelvic floor.  I drank a lot of water today.  I’ve also been running in the evenings.  I think that exercising my body, really, really helps to lift my mood.  Exercise does help raise DHEA levels, which is the mother of your sex hormones and helped you to have increased energy.  I also have noticed that my partners are touching me a whole lot more, which is helping me feel more nurtured.  I took a long hot steam shower today.  While there I used a new soap, which has an exfoliant in it.  I scrubbed ever surface of my skin and indulged in deep breathing while there.  I included taking time to wash my genital area and my pubic hair.  After the shower I massaged my skin with rose oil, then I laid around for a few minutes indulging in the relaxation.  Did I feel good?  You bet!  Before going to sleep I did some clitoral stimulation, but drifted off into slumber land.