Day 74-76- Pattern Indulgence

Jamye Waxman gave me permission to just love the my pattern.  So in all the stress of life this week I went for it.  I’ve self-pleasured more than any other time during this project, sometimes 3-5 times a day- just going into my pattern, enjoying the release and moving on with whatever I need to do.  I’ve even started sleeping at night, even though I’m having orgasms.  I feel like something has shift on a bio-chemical level, meaning that maybe my hormones are returning to their pre-pregnancy state.  My milk has gone way down because my son is only feeding at night these days and my stress level has been through the roof.  I’m lucky I can have so many orgasms so quickly and I’m learning to celebrate it, even if I use the same pattern to get there.  I learned when I was a bodyworker that sometimes you have to go into the pattern in order for the pattern to release.  Well, I’m going in deep on this one. We’ll see what happens on the other side.