Day 40- Part One- Brazilian Bikini Wax

Another day of a first.  I think I’m on a roll for trying new things lately!  This morning I got up knowing that I was going into the spa for a Bikini Wax, no idea what to expect, except that the woman doing the wax suggested that I take aspirin for the pain.  I opted out of the aspirin ( I gave birth with out any drugs, I can definitly handle a Bikini wax!)  But first, I took my new favorite book Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel, and hopped on the bike at the gym.  I LOVE working out!  After an hour of cardio and a stimulating read, I went into the Atmosphere Day Spa for a good massage.  After the massage I had a facial scheduled and then the wax.  After talking to Laura (the woman who’s an expert on the waxing and would be doing the deed for me) we decided to do the wax first so that I could relax into the facial.  So here I am lying on a table with that stiff gynocologist paper underneath me, my nether regions completely exposed and I’m laughing my head off.  This is crazy!  Laura places hot wax on my “down there” and I start in with the stream of questions.  “I bet you’ve seen so many different types of women’s genitals?”  “What’s the History behind the Brazilian Bikini Wax?”  “Why do women get this done?”  I went on and on while she waxed all the hair off.  At one point I’m lying on my side, one leg bent and up in the air as she’s really getting in there, even tweezing little hairs that didn’t come out with the wax.  At another I’ve got a popsicle stick on my clit, holding it out of the way, while she removes the hair from my upper outer labia.  I must have a high tolerance for pain, because it really didn’t hurt all that much.  It was kind of a good sting in some ways.  Yes, parts of it were really intense, but it was over quickly.  And the result, perfectly smooth genitals with barely any hair ( I decided to leave a little patch).  I was really relaxed for my facial, which was wonderful.  Then I used the spa facilities for a shower and steam.  AHHHH!  Wonderfully blissed out I left, with a bare cooch, for a lunch at my favorite vegan restaurant.  Ate lunch, had a hike, and now I’m ready for part two- a long self pleasure session…