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Day 86-Does a Real Penis Count as a Sex Toy?

Today was another great day.  Things have felt really good since I decided to make this more about self-care and self-love.  I feel like I have felt better and better with each day.  My partner has been more active in his initiation of sex with me, which I am loving.  This evening I went for another run.  I have never in my life, liked to run, but I am really enjoying it right now.  It just feels good to have air in my lungs and my blood pumping as I run up the steep hills in my neighborhood.  I fed my body with a variety of smoothies today, one being my addiction to kale smoothies.  And to top the day off my partner asked me to the love loft.  I knew I had to get some sexual self pleasure into the day, so I asked him if it would be okay for me to use his penis as a sex toy.  He was very okay with it!  I spent a lot of time just using his penis to rub on my vulva.  I then acted like it was a dildo as I penetrated myself, while at the same time using my other hand to stimulate my clitoris.  It wasn’t quite as easy as using a dildo, but he got really into it.  He wasn’t moving at all, he just let me do whatever I wanted to do.  Eventually I let go of using his as a “sex toy” and we just went into a great lovemaking session.  We closed the session with some awesome mutual masturbation where we both had an orgasm at the same time.  I had a number of little orgasms all along the way, but this last one was a blended orgasm from g-spot and clitoral stimulation.  YUMM!

Day 50- Fukuoku FUN!

I’ve been wanting to try this powerful finger vibrator for sometime.  Let me tell you that I really enjoyed the Fukuoku Power Pack a lot!  For one, I could still use my finger dexterity and that is really important for me.  It was the first time that I had a deep clitoral orgasm with a vibrator.  I really liked putting the palm of my hand on my pubic bone and then the vibrating pads on my vulva.

Although the Fukuoku looks like something out of the Terminator movie it was actually pretty gentle on the rest of my body.  I used it on my stomach and my breasts.  It was especially great on my breasts.  I haven’t really had a day where I have really, really enjoyed breast stimulation, but the vibration here felt wonderful, especially on my nipples!

Day 48- Aswini 4 Orgasm Mudra

After a fulfilling day of private session work, I decided to practice what I preach.  I modified a technique called Aswini Mudra for one of my clients who is wanting to pro-long orgasms.  I thought it would be a great way to enjoy myself during my self-pleasure session.  So I started out with Aswini Mudra- inhaling one third of my lung capacity, contracting and relaxing my anal sphincter rapidly, inhaling a second third, contracting and relaxing, filling my lungs, contracting and relaxing, holding the contraction, holding my breath, rolling my shoulders up and forward and dropping my chin to my chest.  Lifting my chin, taking a sniff of air, as I relaxed all the tension from my body.  I did this all the while sitting with the heel of my foot on my clitoris.

After a few rounds I went fully into my self-pleasure, lying on the floor with a Liberator Fascinator Throe for some soft padding.  I had the Njoy Pure Wand handy.  I started with some clitoral stimulation combined with the Aswini Mudra.  After I felt adequately aroused I decided to use the Pure Wand.  With the small end I did g-spot, u-spot and a-spot stimulation.  AWESOME!  The combination of Aswini Mudra, with clitoral stimulation and the Pure Wand sent me into multiple orgasms.  It started when I got close to a clitoral orgasm and I stopped the clitoral stimulation which triggered a Vaginal Orgasm.  It was a large, wonderful extended orgasm.  Then I went back to clitoral stimulation combined with the Pure Wand on my g-spot and u-spot, next thing I knew I was ejaculating.  I kept going.  Soon after came the big bang clitoral orgasm.  I rested for a moment with aftershocks and sexual energy coursing through my body.


Day 43- Eroscilating

There’s a sex toy that many of my female friends rave about, so I’ve been saving it for a special day. I really wanted to treat myself to a nice session so I pulled out the Eroscilator. This isn’t a vibrator, it actually oscilates, which is more like your finger moving back and forth over your clitoris. I unpacked this golden pleasure device and carefully read the instructions. It has a number of different attachments, I choose the ball attachment. I was very excited for an awesome experience. Maybe I built it up a little too much. I was really hoping that it didn’t do the same thing that I often experience with vibrators, which is that my clitoris gets overstimulated and I have these little quick surface orgasms. Knowing this I started with indirect stimulation to my clit through my labia. Then I moved to the clitoral shaft. This was all very nice. As soon as I got near my clitoral head, wham! One of those little orgasms and my clit became too sensitive. I moved to manual stimulation and had an awesome clitoral orgasm. Will I try the Eroscilator again? Yes, there’s a lot to explore about this toy and I want to try it all. As I’ve learned with sex, it changes from day to day. Right now I feel like I am totally learning how to use vibrating and oscilating toys. It’s a good thing that I like to practice!

Day 11- The Dentist, Sex Toys and Positions

Early this morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (so much for my elevated moods theory!) due to the fact that I was running late for the dentist, where I knew I would be tortured for the next three hours.  Someone suggested that I take a vibrator with me to counter balance the pain with pleasure.  I wasn’t brave enough for that, but I did go there in my mind and felt some arousal combined with the sound of drilling.  All was good until I got the bill for $1700.oo ouch!  That hurt worse than anything.  I went to Yoga class because I was a ball of tension, it helped some, but by the time I got home I was glum and not at all in the mood.  Pain and financial yuck make a combination for low libido.  But when I went down to my office I found a giant box of sex toys and erotica from Eden Fantasys waiting for me!  Yippee!  But before I dove in I decided to go up to my love loft and continue my yoga practice, only this time with clitoral stimulation.  I often here of couples playing with sexual positions, but I’ve never heard of anyone doing solo sex in a variety of twists, so I went for it: Downdog, Forward Bends, Back Bends, Legs Open, Legs Shut, Pigeon, Up Dog, Side Twists, you name it, it tired it.  I noticed that closed leg positions or positions that required some muscular tension seems to be the most arousing for my body.  After all that I went back to my office to film, and to open my giant box of toys!  I laid them all out on my massage table and thought to myself that this 101 Days of Self Pleasure is the best idea I’ve ever had! Here’s a pic… http://101daysofpleasure.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/109_0092.jpg