Day 71- Bath Salts and Ella

No, Ella isn’t another woman, it’s a great pleasure object by Lelo.  I’ll get to her, but want to start at the beginning.  I really wanted to set aside time for myself today.  I’ve been feeling like I’m not getting enough exercise.  Before I gave birth I danced 5 days a week, and I went to the gym every single day.  Now I’m lucky if I dance once every few months and get to the gym once a week.  So as part of this project I am making a gym schedule, no more excuses.  And I am going to start dancing at least twice a month.  How’s that!  I started the day with an hour at the gym, then had a great lunch followed by a steam sauna that included a hot shower and lavender bath salt scrub.  My skin feels so soft and smells amazing.  While in the steam sauna I was joined by Ella, a rose colored dildo that is just up my alley.  The water from the shower was making things a little dry, so I turned it off and just played in the heat of the steam.  I loved that this toy can be used on either end, and it is silky smooth.  I definitely want to dedicate and entire session to her.  I feel like something has opened up for me in regards to ejaculation lately and it has been flowing very easily.  The Ella was great for g-spot and u-spot stimulation.  I had to try it mostly standing up, so I’m anxious to try it lying down.  I think tomorrow I’ll give her another whirl!