Day 14- Post Intercourse Bliss

Since our regularly scheduled intimacy was cancelled due to our relatives being in town, my partner and I had to reschedule for today.  We’ve been a bit agitated with each other, so our lovemaking was intense and actually quite amazing as we re-connected.  I held off on my orgasm knowing full well that I would still have my self-pleasure session to do afterwards.  Sometimes I really like not having an orgasm, but instead just riding on the pleasure.  After an hour or so of intercourse I was really in bliss.  I floated down out of the Love Loft and into the shower where I explored my highly engorged and highly aroused gentials.  I gave myself a genital massage and touched my tingling body.  But my favorite part was the sensation of the hot water showering onto my skin.  What a DELIGHT!