Day 32- I Rub My Penguin

So it was 11:30 PM and my son finally went to sleep.  I snuck out in to the living room where I found my I Rub My Penguin waiting for me.  Over the weekend I had used the penguin for my sexuality alter.  I discovered that it was a symbol of agility and flow.  I also read that Penguin medicine is all about finding sanity in the chaos.  I thrive in chaos, so I related to the penguin.  I also chose this cute penguin friend to represent my sexuality because it is a toy that looks like a toy and not a sexual object.  In other words it’s friendly for people who have kids.  A great way to hide your sex toys is to make sex toys that don’t look like them at all!  So my late night session in the middle of exhaustion was all about me and my vibrating penguin!  I did some clitoral stimulation and realized that what I liked best what indirect stimulation and using the penguin as more of a massager on my pelvic floor.  While I was doing this I started reviewing all the places in my day where I had done self-care.  I took a hike with a friend and business acquaintance, I made myself some great smoothies, I went on a date with one of my lovers to see the new twighlight movie.  If I look back on it all, I did a lot of self pleasure today, just not all at once.